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  1. J

    Fanfiction ► never say (yes) . . .

    You're welcome. Just PM me whenever you want and I'll respond as soon as possible. :D
  2. J

    Fanfiction ► never say (yes) . . .

    The style isn't weird but it manages to get the attention of the reader (that varies on many of the people's attention span on this forum :P). You can try even setting out from description on the left hand side, what the character is thinking in the middle and the right with nouns, adjectives...
  3. J

    Help/Support ► Please help and support me

    Hm...Either way with whatever useless nonsense and drivel you get from everyone here, the decision is still up to you to either let whatever twisted perversion/sexual play is going on or you can just tell him straight. He's going to have to learn to control himself and know his limits through a...
  4. J

    Help/Support ► Dragons.

    Go to your doctor and get a check up on your health. Also see if you might have any health problems that are causing for your bad breath or you could just have halitosis. And then check your dentist to see what's the problem. He/she will tell you what you should do and get a dental check up.
  5. J

    Fanfiction ► Organization XV: Days In The Life

    There's a Bar Scene?! Dagnabbit! Eugh, back to writing I go.
  6. J

    Fanfiction ► Eternal Requiem

    Bleh, something I started writing again. Have fun and post your comments, heh. Prologue Evil shone in the abyss of the darkness, the ever falling stars shooting gracefully from the moonlight sky towards the eternal bottom of the night. The silhouette leaves of autumn rose blissfully through...
  7. J

    Fanfiction ► The Articles of Literacy

    After reading the interesting "Idiot's Guide To Literacy", I think i'm in love.
  8. J


    Hi, i'm new to the forum. Well I used to be a member here back ages ago but now i've neglected my attention before but i'll try and keep my attention here seeing as Kingdom Hearts 2 rocks. Oh, for the fan-fiction section; are we allowed to post up any original fiction or does it HAVE to be...