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    this belongs in CoM but no1 there so i posted here..

    I completely agree with u and and even if she did have a nobody sora probly killed it already
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    has n e 1 finished hades cup paradox in proud??

    has n e 1 finished hades cup pardoz in proud??? cuz i no i havent but have u ??? lol
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    Goddess of fate cup wont work hlp plz

    okay i found out how to do it and nice pic keyblader1234567 it made me laugh so hard lol
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    The "How far are you in KHII" thread.

    im at the world that neva was woot dam ultima wep its given me problems
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    Goddess of fate cup wont work hlp plz

    im wonderin how to get goddess of fate chalenge cuz it aint workin for me some plzzz hlp me or tell me what to do
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    I need hlp with ultima wepon

    but for godesss of fate challenge it wont let me do it im already lvl 54
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    Goddes of Fate?

    dammit i have the same problem
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    Goddes of Fate?

    uuhh r u lvl 53? cuz if u are then ionno wats happenin
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    I need hlp with ultima wepon

    ok uuhhh wheres this item that halves the amount of orealcamum i need to make it?
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    I need hlp with ultima wepon

    aaaahhhhh this has been pissin me off for like 2hrs lol.... and i just dont no how to get 13 of those oralcunim+ i already have every thing else for it its just that item aahhh can some 1 plz tell me
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    Can you believe how close it is

    lol i preordered kh 2 in november lmao
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    Is FF:AC any good

    yup u read it just tell me about it and if u liked it or not and tell me what happens in it plzzzzz!!!!!
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    Final Boss

    i would have to say ansem or axel or the 1 organizeation man who u never see his face might be final boss or DiZ i hope its DiZ it will be fun to kill him or maybe pete lol not pete so i think ansom or some 1 new will be the final boss or maybe BHK heh u never no
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    muahaha, look what 3 minds have done

    yay good job but i dont understand it and i read it twice i only under stand the twilight stuff
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    New Translations 0_0

    its a old translation and riku didnt nesserslry cuz he took the twilt rod to dawn not the light or dark so riku is good and bad but acts good but hides his evil side bt uses it 4 fights
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    Who is going to be your favorite character in kh2

    riku and sora all the way dark riku is badass
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    oohhh yes i forgot about my theory ...my theory is : ur gonna get flamed in the furture
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    dude many ppl r gonna flame u so badly and when they do lmao lol
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    do you think kh2 will be a two disc game

    Re: do you think kh2 will be a two dic game yea thats good i would love that but it brings up another question who do u play as first BHK or Sora u never no who it will be but then again its most likly gonna be a 1 disc game
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    What do you think that the final world will be?

    i think the final level will be that city place in ASAS and maybe u get to fight against riku and fight along side wit BHK