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    KH2 Final Mix discussion

    To be honest, I dont think they've announced quite yet whether they're gonna release it for us yet. Chances are they won't but its still a bit early to say. The KHI home page should have updates on it.
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    Any new ones right now?

    Anybody startin a new RP or doin one right now that doesnt mind someone joinin in? Just send if i dont reply back here within 5 min of w/e you post. (my comp is some-what slow)
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    Better 1000 Heartless Fight

    Why the hell does the 1k HB matter? Okay, wow, they need to add more (true) but it doesnt matter what all different types are in it. Reaction actions should be a lil harder i suppose but they wont. Adding Donald and Goofy to the fight wouldnt really make it too much fun either (since they level...
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    More than likely...

    1) you dont have to do J's Journal in Proud 2) (this is where i make fun of you because you tried to show off) lvl 52, less than 20 hours, and still beat Sephiroth. that's original time i spent on it when i beat it. both lvl and time are higher now but thats because of tryin to find out what i...
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    More than likely...

    Okay, I cant find if someone has posted this recently (since I cant find it) I'll ask here. The 2 ways your suppose to see the secret ending is either beat Jiminy's Journal 100% in normal OR just beat Proud mode, correct? Well, Ive beaten Proud mode and I got absoulutley jack On the other...
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    KH2 Final Mix discussion

    Okay, for people that acctually read the home page, It IS suppose to be done in English Voice and and all that. (that special PS2 thing is just one w/ a mod chip.) Anyone else that is a part of the kh2.co.uk site also can get additional info on the whole thing. From what I've heard and read...
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    Secret message part 2!

    how bout you guys quit dis-ing on the newb and just drop it. it makes no sense to complain about it. big deal, everyone knows so quit repeating everyone.
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    More or less you do. Theres quite a bit having to deal w/ Organization 13 in it to begin w/ because 7 of the 13 are involved within it and explains the whole thing the beggining of the game and why everything has changed so much.
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    FAV. KeyBlade

    Edit on mine anyways, since its back on page 1 and hadnt had a chance to really play it at the time. Fav still Oathkeeper and secondary Bond of Flame. Standard & Wisdom - Ultima Valor - Ultima & Oblivion Master - Ultima & Sleeping Lion Final - Ultima & Oathkeeper (btw, the 2 form boosts + the...
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    FAV. KeyBlade

    The Oathkeeper. Many reasons behind it but if I HAD to pick one of the new ones, id say Decisive Pumpkin. I still Prefer the oathkeeper over all.....memories
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    Site that branches this...

    Can anyone give me a link that branches this site out? finalfantasy.co.uk/khextreme for some reason, it wont send to me to the right site.
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    most ppl prolly know but...

    FF7 AC will come out september 13 here in the US for those who didnt know.
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    Thing about post counts

    I guess my other topic was deleted bout 2 months ago about this but my other 1100 posts was taken off and i wanted to know why it was.
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    My question is...

    My question is what the hell happened to my post count? apparently ive been gone for about a month and because i havnt been here, someone has decided i didnt deserve to have my other 1100 posts bac. i just want to know how took them off and if i can get them bac.
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    Jack Sparrow in KH ?

    tht is a different twist to it all since it was a real life person movie. tht and from this video i saw, it looks like when you go back to hollow bastion the story there is more serious and as close as to the movie w/o it bein the movie, if you know what i mean. But what from i have seen there...
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    Need action replay codes for....

    Need action replay codes for Final Fantasy tactics advance. any needed but mainly lookin for: infinite gil all items....... any codes would greatly be appriciated.
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    Elementary kids bein stopped from readin their bibles

    this is gettin to be stupid. Elementary kids are startin to be stopped from readin their bibles during recess. I mean, if kids wanna read their bibles, why in the hell aren't they allowed to read them whenever. What they've said is tht "recess is a time of physical activity. kids are suppose...
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    Emerald Version

    No big thing, but i wanna see just how many ppl are gettin the game and a bout what age range. if you dont wanna say, then you dont hafta. i just wanna get a count of how many are gettin it.
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    Is Jack back?

    Yes. Jack is back in christmastown....(thought Halloween town was much much better.) theres lots of new things bout it and hella more fun with it.
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    How do u get 2 put in a sig and avy

    Wrong place to post there newbie. you alos need to turn on your options to where you can see others avi's and sigs. go to your user options and go to edit sig or avi. for avi, just paste your URL in the costum avi spot. for sig, take your URL and put it like this, Now, can a mod close or...