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    Beat the Game

    As good as the game was i'm a little disapointed in how short it was. Honestly 30 hrs for a sqauresoft game come on man...
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    What if KHII got delayed

    Hopefully it won't but theres no need to have post this so close to the game. You better knock on wood.
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    The Suffering in Europe

    I hate how people complain about the wait of a game. Just think about how much later Europe gets games. NA is the lucky ones. My condolenses go out to Europe
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    Hours of KH2?

    I'd say its gonna be as long as as good your are at the game. I'd think most people in this forum could beat it in like 30 to 40 hrs without side quest. I usually do side quest my first time through so it might take like 50 hrs.
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    KH2 Day and other random nonsense

    wow i haven't been on the forums in forever, but yeah...on Kh day i'm gonna have to wait till after school with is like 2:15 then take the 3 o'clock train because the trainstation is right by the mall where the ebx is. Pick up my game come home and play till my mom gets home at 11:00 or if she...
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    Reason for plain-looking command menus

    I looked at the trailers again and i believe its because its not in a themed world like Keymaster_Lycole said. Cause if you look at the command menu they all look different. For example, in the hercules world the menu has a greek gold warrior on the upper left and right sides of the menu.
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    The difficulty of Kingdom Hearts 2

    I hope Kh2 is harder then Kh. Kh was a hard game the first time through it, but once i beat it made all that hard work worth it. I love a hard game, like Jak 2 that game was hard, even the creaters said it was too hard, but I loved it, cause once i beat it i felt like I acomplised something great.
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    Lion king world discussion thread

    oh man playing in the Lion King world is going to rock, and the fact that sora is a lion just makes the world look so much better.
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    KH2 Strategy Guide???

    I never buy strategy guides, why buy one when you can go to gamefaqs.com and look at a guide that was written by someone for free. They may not always be good, but somethings people will post up very good guides to games.
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    Final Boss

    I think it would be cool if they had BHK and Sora fight the final boss sort of like at the end of FF7 when you fought Sephiroths first form with three partys
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    Upcoming KH 2 info

    I want to know the bhk's name, thats the only thing buggin me right now
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    only 16 worlds???

    you gotta remember that you get to play with the BHK so that makes the story longer, and you can assume that there are more worlds at the end of the game.
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    Good possibility of Wonderland returning

    I hope they dont' put wonderland in the game, that was the only level i didn't like in KH
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    When KH2 come out what are you going to do?

    hm..i could say i wouldn't, but curiosity would get the best of me and i'd have to look, but i''m pretty sure that i wouldn't really read into it. My journey to the forum would be lessened
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    the coolest world in kh

    Halloween town was the coolest world in the game
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    do u think a release date will be given at TGS 2005?

    I think TGS 05' would be the perfect time to give the release date.
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    favorite kh2 trailer

    Jump Festa 04 trailer was the best
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    just somthing i noticed....

    Goofy's only there because its a cut scene. This happened in the mulan video when the heartless army attacked. Sora stays in his fusion clothes and Goofy's still in the cut scene. Since they put it like this, you really can't take Goofy out of the scene because then we'd miss part of the script.
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    from what seen so far wfhat's your fav KH2 world?

    Disney Castle, about time we get to play there
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    Sorry bout my last thread. Here's the real thing.

    Jenova should be the next extra boss. Gotta keep have the hardest boss be in Sephiroth's family.