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    unknown person

    Yea, that's definitaly the Female Soldier's armor. But that's just the thing, it looks as though it's JUST her armor, no body. Crazy idea, but what if Xemnas is trying to ressurect her or something?
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    Theories and Such WARNING: Spoiler!

    These are just some things I’ve noticed and thought of while watching both Sunset Horizons (KH2 Secret Ending) and Birth by Sleep (KH2FM+ Secret Ending) and by reading theories and thoughts of members through the forums. Sunset Horizons At the beginning of the video we’re shown the Ansem...
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    Nobody Thoughts.

    These are just some thoughts about Nobodies that I have lingering on in my head. When a nobody is created, does it have clothes on? Why doesn't the Nobody appear beside their human body? Where do you think Namine and Roxas first appeared? What do you think the first thoughts of a Nobody is? Do...
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    Thoughts Regarding Kairi.

    Kairi’s Keyblade These are just my thoughts regarding the stuff regarding Kairi and her “Keyblade.” I do not care if any of this is obviously wrong, it is again, my own thoughts. So if you at any point and time feel the need to flame, please, keep it to your self. I don’t want to hear it. Is...
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    kh2 got boring yet?

    Sure it's not as exciting as it was when I first played it. After I beat it the first time I waited about a month or two before I played it over again. You can forget alot of little things in a couple months.
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    Riku's Kairi

    You people honestly don't think Riku is gay?
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    Fanfiction ► Twilight Life- Roxas's Story

    This isn't too bad! It could use a bit of work here-and-there but all and all it;s very good .Kepp it up.
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    Fanfiction ► ~::Destiny of ones Heart::~

    [x] There comes a point [x] In everyones life When they must step forth [x] And take charge of their own destinty .[x] Prologue A brown haired boy could be seen standing at the end of an empty street. He was gazing off into the sky, watching as streams of light fell from the...
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    Fanfiction ► {.:Tainted Memories:.}

    Lordy lordy lordy! This is absolutely one of the best Kingdom Hearts Fan Fics I have ever read. Seriously. Minus the few grammar and puntuation errors here and there, it's perfect! Can't wait for more!
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    "It all started with.....Birth by Sleep"

    That made absolutely no sense at all. Nomura just used his handwriting for Sora's.
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    "It all started with.....Birth by Sleep"

    Sora won't be done with, geeze, you peopel can calm down. Even if the next game is a prequel we can pretty much be certain that the game after the next will return to Sora.
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    Sad when you beat kh2?

    I wasn't sad at all. I was happy. After watching the ending to Kingdom Hearts, that made me a bit sad because Sora had to say goodbye to Kairi and he didn't know how long it would be until he saw her again. But at the ending of Kingdom Hearts II, just like Kairi says, they're home. So I was...
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    Kairi's Letter.

    As we all know, at leats those of us who've beat the game, at the end of the game when Sora and Riku are sitting at the waters edge of the beach the letter from Kairi floats up to them. Now, correct me if I'm wrong, I thought this beach was in the realm of darkness? How would Kairi's letter have...
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    Secret Ending; Eerie Vibe.

    I was watching the Secret Ending again for about the 100th time, and one thing still gets me. The music. It's so...eerie and the way the Knights move and act. I mean, who's to say these three figures aren't infact new enemies? I don't believe Nomura has stated that the three knights are good...
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    Kings Letter

    Yoshi, I highly doubt he [the King] was inviting them to his Castle. If you pay attention to Kairi's facial expression, she looks rather worried. I'm guessing the King has some sort of 'quest' for them.
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    Xemnas's Last Words

    I don't think that was true door to the light, I think it was more of a...pathway. I mean, what a boring way to open up the Door to Light.
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    Guess the Org. member that visited Agrabah in KH2

    I too also think it was Luxord. He seems the time who would 'gamble' for such things. xD; -gets shot-
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    Waht if the 3 knights were...

    Have we even established what Chasers even are?
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    A Bit Harsh, No?

    Love the way you described him, oh so very much. :)
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    I know where the secret ending takes place!

    It might kind of make sense. I mean if you look at the colour of each Knight's armor. One is gold, maybe indicating light. One is purple maybe indicating darkness? Idk, just an idea.