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    KH2FM+ Save the King/Queen+

    You only need Orchalcum+s for the Ultima Weapon. And, yes, you can make them all. Heck, you make make both the regular versions, the + versions, AND Ultima Weapon (I was REALLY hoping for an Ultima Weapon+, honestly)
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    Something I just thought of... (Spoilers for KH1 and KH2)

    So, at the end of KH1, Sora becomes a Heartless, creates Roxas, etc. But, he regains his "self-hood" (for lack of a better term) because Kairi brought him back from the Darkness, correct? But, since Roxas was still out there, Sora was technically a Heartless until the end of KH2 when Roxas...
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    Level at Destiny Islands

    Last time I did it, I was level 9, cos I wanted to have Scan before I fought Darkside again. After that I didn't care about levels there as much, and I was getting bored.
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    If I make it to level 100...

    ...and I picked the staff at the start, will my stats end up being the same as they would if I was level 100 with the sword? I mean, besides the 1 extra MP. And I don't mean counting things like Power Ups and the like, cos I don't use those. Also, if I never use an AP Up, will I have enough AP...
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    Coded plot summary?

    Oh, I didn't realize that the full game wasn't out yet... I guess I should pay a bit more attention to the news or something, huh?
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    Coded plot summary?

    So, since coded has been out for a little while, is there anywhere I could find a plot summary of it, since even if it does come to US, I doubt I'll be able to play it, but I'd still like to know what happens...
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    358/2 Days Welcomes Riku into Playability.

    You know, your theory on the meaning of the title sounds an awful lot like my theory... I made a thread about it, don't have a link atm, but, yeah, it's almost the same... Just throwing it out there.
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    Kairi Is..Ansem The Wise's Daughter?!?

    Generally speaking, yes, most of these stupid ones are made by n00bs. That said, however, it's quite rare that you actually get an actually good theory...
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    Kairi Is..Ansem The Wise's Daughter?!?

    It's not a HUGE deal, but having the right information can potentially stop these kind of threads from happening. And I think we ALL want that.
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    Kairi Is..Ansem The Wise's Daughter?!?

    Yes, basically. She's not really his daughter, but I think she does live with him... Could be wrong on the second point.
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    Kairi Is..Ansem The Wise's Daughter?!?

    Those darn fanfics! Also, I forgot to mention, but family plays a minimal role in KH... To the extent that they don't even think Sora's mother is important enough to show, you just hear her. So, to go from family being not-very-mportant to suddenly "SURPRISE! Kairi's AtW's daughter! Betcha never...
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    Kairi Is..Ansem The Wise's Daughter?!?

    Nope, wrong, try again. Kairi was taken in by the mayor of Destiny Islands when she was found there. AtW was the ruler, but not necessarily the mayor, of HB/RG. And just because she happened to be in the library in the castle doesn't mean she lived there. AtW seems like the kind of guy that...
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    If BBS will let you play different storylines...

    I'll try to figure out if there's any kind of order, and probably just do them in order... Which probably means I'll just be following the list that I'm sure you'll be given for the stories. Unoriginality! Hooray!
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    More title speculations....

    I'm sorry if this is supposed to be in the 'Days sticky or whatever, so just bear with me. First of all, I'd like to say that I always thought I'd be the last to create a thread like this, as I normally find theorizing and speculations end up being redundant and boring and such. That said, I...
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    Fanfiction ► The Uncomforting Truth.

    *looks round* I haven't missed the next chapter, have I?
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    Princess Kairi

    This has been brought up before, and it never turns out well. I'ma try and be nice, though.*deep breath* You're totally wrong! Kairi's not AtW's daughter. She's a Princess of Heart, not just a regular Princess. Plus, who ever said AtW was king of RG? Wow... Surprisingly, that's nice, compared...
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    Strength or Magic?

    Magic is good sometimes, but nothing beats a good beatin'. 'Sides, Cure is the only magic you really NEED... Well, Gravity magic was nice in KH1, but they took it out in II...
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    who is the 14th member

    Guys! I figured it out! The 14th Member is... Your mom! But, seriously, no one knows.
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    I'm about to finish KH and...

    I never finished CoM until a few months ago, and I understood KHII just fine. There's a few minor details you might not get, but for the most part you should be covered... And anything you don't get, you can ask about here, so it's all good. =p
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    At what event do you think BBS took place?

    I would hope it's not the ending, because then Nomura just spoiled the whole game for us... I would think it's somewhat in the time between the start and the middle... Like, it's VAT's first confrontation with MX... Then for the rest of the game you have to go around getting strong enough to be...