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    That wasn't Ansem?...THAT FREAKIN SUCKS

    I hate how in kh2 you are told that in KH the ansem you defeated wasn't Ansem... And how it seems that all you fought for (Aganst ansem anyways) was a lie! Thats how I felt...That was a soap opera scene... Days of our hearts....Yea...
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    So...Wait. Who's he?

    yeah...So he has no other purpose in the gaim, but a struggle match championship? thats lame...
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    So...Wait. Who's he?

    Who is that guy from the struggle match? Not Seifer, or Vivi...But the guy in the weird coat... Who is he?
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    Drive Form Coincidence?

    Then maybe Kairi is present.:eek:
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    I need a picture of The new ultima and Fernir Please

    Are there any pictures of those two keyblades anywhere? I can't find any at all...
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    Official Ultima Weapon Guide

    Does anyone have a picture of the ultima weapon? EDIT: Damn...Goddes of fate isn't hard except the whole beat the heffers if 30 seconds
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    Is it just my eyes or is that keyblade...

    In the opening movie of KH2 there are a few scenes from CoM. Like one of Sora fighting Marluxua...But if you look at Sora's keyblade you'll notice the "Blade" part is gold...Is it really? Or are my eyes lying to me...
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    Keyblades keyblades keyblades...

    Ok...So I understand that Sora was chosen by the keyblade, Roxas is his nobody and still a part of him...So he gets one. Mickey found his in the reald of darkness...BUT I don't understand why Riku and Kairi have keyblades. Also...Does anyone have any pictures or screenshots of Riku and kairi's...
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    What are the new keyblades in KH2?
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    The keyblades?

    What are all of the new keyblades in KH2? If this is in the wrong place I'm forry, let me know so the thread can die. And so I may be directed in the right place to post this, OR if there is already a topic on this if you could please frovide the link. Wrong forum...Don't ask... NM So this is...