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    COM Battle System

    I agree with what TWoAcross said. :P
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    Help for defeating Final Riku

    sigh.. there are a million posts about beating riku.. Search fuNction please?
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    COM Battle System

    Perhaps so.. But still. The Card system was quite repetitive. Using the same sleights, getting keyblade cards, using summons, beating bosses.. Sure, you could say that KH1 and KH2 were like grind rpgs. But an action rpg would have been really impossible to make on the gameboy. They should have...
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    COM Battle System

    I. HATED. THE. CARD. SYSTEM. SE should have stuck to Action rpg.. >___> The card system seems pointless.. Although I have to admit the only nice thing about the card system was the 0 wild card, cloud summons, and using bosses as cards..
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    Wow Riku is fun..

    Riku should have his own game.. Kingdom Hearts 3 Riku? :D that'd be interesting.. No more immature Sora..
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    Help Please! I need help beating....

    My advice to you is to get lots of 0 cards. Around 5-6. Use good summons. Such as Cloud. Combine those. Use Oogie when low on hp. Get lots of keyblade cards from 7-8-9. Dont sleight with these. And best of luck. :) Also. Use dodge roll to get behind him/ :)
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    Wow Riku is fun..

    Er..nope.. BY what you just said. Im assuming that means the whole playthrough of KH2 is based on Riku replacing Sora? :S
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    Most fun boss to fight?

    lol.. In RR CoM Im currently fighting ansem.. Hes quite fun as well..
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    Isn't Marluxia amazing!?

    Nice vid. But Marluxia sucks. ._. Just because he uses flowers and a scythe. and at first I couldnt tell what gender he was. Until his voice.
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    Even though I don't know Japanese should I buy KH2FM+?

    If I were you, Id buy KH2FM+ just for the content and difficulty. Not to mention the remake of KH:CoM. It sounds pretty sweet. Too bad I cant get it. =(
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    I thought that KH: CoM was to bridge KH and KH2. Why bring Roxas into all of this? Sure Roxas may have been in KH1 when Sora became a heartless. But why mess with an already screwed Card based game? ._.
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    Sora's Official Height?

    Im guessing Sora is around 5"4 and Riku is around 5"6 to 5"7 ^^
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    I would like to know about Axel from someone who's played this

    Since when is Axel Riku? ARent they two seperate characters? .. One has violet hair. and one has red hair. Really distinguishable..
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    Wow Riku is fun..

    Holy crap.. in the last battle with Xemnas. The few times you can actually use Riku are actually FUN! O.O I spammed dark auras and that took away a lot of his hp.. Although Im not sure why Riku has such low hp..
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    Most fun boss to fight?

    Well it doesnt matter. I like Riku IV in CoM. Ansem in KH 1 Sephiroth Or Axel in KH2.
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    Most fun boss to fight?

    I found Larxene II quite fun to fight against. Shes fast. And she has pretty good sleights. Riku VI was also fun. :D Breaking Dark Aura with 0 cards never felt any better. :D
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    LOL. I kinda already beat the game. Starting Riku's Reverse and Rebirth. :D
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    What's The Stupidest Thing You Ever Did in COM?

    The stupidest I did equip a deck full of useless cards against Riku VI.. Lol.. It was loaded with 2-5 keyblade cards.. And I managed to actually take out a life bar and a half..
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    Riku IV HELP!

    Well. If I were you, Id get a LOT of 0 cards. Prolly more than 7.. I'd stock on a lot of 7+ keyblade cards. DONT use Sleights. Cause your deck will become virtually useless. Get lots of cure cards. Stack those together to cast curaga. Get cloud cards and stack those.. Cloud using Omnislash...
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    Sora !

    Wow, that sucks. I hate Namine. Wait so Namine never existed anytime in Soras life besides KH: CoM? And thereafter?