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  1. Z

    Downloading the secret ending

    Ok i know that when the secret ending first came to light it was everywhere to download but now all of the places that used to have it dont any more is there any where i can go to download the secret ending any more?
  2. Z

    question for downloading secret ending

    hmm what program is it? and yea if u mean tried to put it on my ipod/psp yea ive tried every way i kno how to but it doesnt work my itunes doesnt even play it:confused:
  3. Z

    question for downloading secret ending

    ill admit it im a noob i have no idea how to do that lol
  4. Z

    question for downloading secret ending

    well the one i got was for windows media so i never did try the psp theres an idea but yea the link is Send big files the easy way with sendspace. Files too large for email attachments? No problem! but if that doesnt work do here Kingdom Hearts 2 / 3 Final Mix || Kingdom Hearts Ultimania || More...
  5. Z

    question for downloading secret ending

    Now im not sure if im supposed to put this here or not so if not could someone tell me but my question is the secret ending, ive got it on my computer but i cant put it on my ipod (video) does anyone know of a link or knows how i could do that please ???