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    How Excited Are you Right now for 358/2 days

    I'm HYPED!! I can't wait to play all the Organization XIII members!! <3 <3 I'm looking more forward to it than BBS, mostly just because I feel that the Organization's reign ended too quickly. There could've been WAY more stuff on them. :( :(
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    tifa, cloud, aerith, zack.

    :love: True, that!! I know a ton of people are hating on all the FFVII appearances in the game, but I think it's mostly because FFVII was such a hit, (in my opinion, it's the best FF game). SE knows that, so they put more VII characters than any other one. *shrugs* Personally, as a devout...
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    Translated VJump Scans

    Awwww.... Demyx looks so...so...so...AWESOME!! -bursts into a cloud of hearts- This made my love for Demyx grow even more. X) Haha. The line, 'He's not worried, he's the kind of guy no one can hate' made me giggle. And I love the interaction Demyx has with Roxas. I knew they'd be friends! :)...
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    Drawing of Xion from Someone at TGS. *Spoilers, I guess*

    ...I second that. I watched the whole show (all three seasons) in three days. I was holed up in my room for awhile...^.^ Lol. She's cute! Yessss...Finally! A picture! I know it's unofficial and all, but I can't help but be excited! Of all the new games, Days is what I'm looking forward to the...
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    Sephiroth Stratageis

    Level 99, glide, decisive pumpkin, and a good sense of when to run like hell. That's all, folks. ;) SPOILER?: And was it just me, or was Sephiroth's response to beating him totally LAME? Sora: -PWNS- Sephiroth: -blinks- Okay, so that was pretty good, but all that work was actually...
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    which organization fight was the hardest for you to beat

    DEEEEMMMYYYYX!!! :O Psh, horrible fighter my ass... -grumbles- Xigbar was hard. Xaldin was kinda fun (hard too, of course. And jeez, guy, ever heard of a freaking haircut?) :/
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    Opinion on Demyx

    I agree! But...-shrugs- I think Xaldin was pretty challenging. I beat him first try, but it was still a difficult battle. So...based on your theory...Xaldin should have personality, too. -ponders- :idea: Well, Xaldin has the sort of personality that is manipulative, talkative...and easily...
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    Is it just me or....

    Lol. I heard about that. An animator for the Disney movies decided he wanted to put perverted things in them. For instance... Little Mermaid: On the original cover, if you look at the golden city in the background, there's a...errr...spire that is suggestively shaped. And at the end, when...
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    Which boss was most Hard/annoying

    "Dance, Water, dance!" *pulls out hair* Gaaahh! Stupid Demyx took me so flippin' long. Stupid TIME LIMITS! Dang it! Since when does Demyx control time?! I thought that was Luxord! *points finger accusingly at Square Enix, then gets pummelled to the ground by their numerous fans* Seriously...
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    Ever wondered?

    Whoa...Rather detailed, aren't we? Lol. I'm not certain it's that big of a deal, really... There were a lot of things in the game that were kind of left as a loose end. I'm not sure if you noticed, but some doors were 'locked' and some paths were 'blocked'. Most games are mean like that. I...
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    Xaldin Question?

    Ugh...Xaldin was annoying. The weird thing was...when I actually fought him, I beat him on the first try. I'll admit that I was sweating pretty hard, though. Personally, that was one of my favorite boss fights. Very fast paced. I'd give him an 8/10. So, Xaldin took me one try. Demyx took me...