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    thats wierd

    interesting information
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    secret ending for KH2 spoilers!

    according to nomura's interviews i've read the secret movie is just a cliffhanger in case he wanted to make kh3 he will start from there but he himself dosn't know what kh3 will be all about but he said one thing about the keyblade and the mystery that surrounds it like who made it and where and...
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    Roxas is Crazy!

    i felt sorry for him and the moment that touched me the most were the events of the end of the sixth day
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    whoa! roxas!

    you didn't know?oh well but jessy's voice acting was good in the game and it really fits roxas personality
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    help please!

    i used the action replay max to get all of the ultima weapon's requirements because jiminy's journal is so loaded and it will take time to complete it
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    99: The Magical Number

    i had 22 saved files for kh2 but then i deleted them all and kept 2 files let's face it what i'm gonna do with a 99 saved files??????????
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    Organization XIII *Possible Spoilers*

    axel was my favourate xiqbal was my least favourate
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    i finished the game in standard mode but i didn't get the secret ending because i've found out that i have to replay all the minigames to complete the journal so i said screw it i've seen the secret ending on the web so i didn't care.
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    maleificent's laugh

    her laugh was ok to me.
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    KH2 is good. ...but only the jap. version.

    stop complaining about the lip syncing in the game it wasn't important to me because i had fun playing the game and it's cool to see it in english so at least i understood what's going on in the games as for the voice acting it was very good to me besides don't forget we've waited 4 years for this.
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    What is your plan for KH Day 2006? :D

    sounds like fun as for me when kh2 comes out i'm gonna wait till my family sleeps and play it all night long in peace and quiet so i think i'll call thi kh2 night instead of day.....:p
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    no more playing

    hey guys, yep that's right no more playing kh2 japanese version for me because i have reached halfway through the game and the plot got complicated so i felt like an idiot and decided to put it aside and wait for the english version to come out i think this is probably best so i can at least...
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    losing intrest????????

    hey guys, it's going to be a while until kh2 comes out it's like 2 month away so i wanna ask are you guys start losing intrest and bored of waiting? i also have noticed that some people are annoyed of some threads that are talking about kh3 well in my opinion i know it's too early to talk about...
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    kh trilogy

    durning the time that kh1 was launched i read an interview with the director of the game and he said that they are planing to make kingdom hearts a trilogy or more than one sequel if you go to the japnese site of square-enix and enter the kh2 site it will be loaded with stuff of course it's in...
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    brother bear and sora

    i don't know if you guys liked brother bear movie but i hope the will bring it in kh3 cause i kinda liked that movie and the message in the movie was really nice. i also hope to see the real neverland in kh3 not the pirate ship. and i hope they don't bring tarzan's world back cause i didn't...
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    thoughts and ideas

    aladdin's world made it bask to kh2 but i wish that if they are planing to bring it back in kh3 i hope it will feature some of the cool villians from aladdin's tv series. it's really exciing to see disney worlds in 3d and get the chance to explore them so that's one of the reasons i like kh...
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    kh2 import impressions

    i just use the guide in case i got confused that's it!!!!!!
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    kh2 import impressions

    hey guys i got kh2 japanese version so here is what i think about it but don't worry i won't spoil anything. the gameplay difficulty will be based on the level you choose the game is loaded with cutscenes which makes it long you have to do many visits to the worlds in order to complete it 100%...
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    worlds of kh3

    this is my list of the worlds that might make it to kh3: beast's castel but this time gaston will be there. agrabah but this time the events will be based on aladdin and the king of thieves movie pride lands and the events will be based on the lion king 2 neverland might come back and the events...