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    Roxas=Ven old topic, but heres WHY

    OK lets look to the FM+ scene where roxas fights riku... and then to the secret trailer from FM+ heres a few things you should have noticed Riku turned into ansem (ansem's clothes are the same to the UEM) Ansem riku teleported like the UEM when Ven tried to strike him Ansem riku held roxas in...
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    Can someone answer a question

    Was DiZ counted as a member of Organization 13? or was he just kept around..........meaning they probably knew he was Ansem the Wise in disguise or something w/e
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    Fanfiction ► The Pimpkey

    The pimpkey 3 Our episode begins with Donalds and Goofy's lost days, beginning at Disney Hideout which looks like a castle. Donald goes inside the pimps chamber to find out he's gone. Donald: morning your greatness! *Donald walks up to the great big chair and looks around* Donald: A letter...
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    Fanfiction ► The Pimpkey

    The pimpkey 2 Soon after the storm....Sora finds hiself in Traverse town... Leon: They'll keep coming to you, so long as you weild the pimpkey Sora: Bitc- ill smack you around! *leon and sora fight* Sora: GOODNESS GRACIOUS GREAT BALLS OF FIRE Leon: suck on my gun.....blade Sora: im so...
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    Fanfiction ► The Pimpkey

    Re: The Pimpkey (a joke thread) k ill make a new pimpkey, it will be a series!
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    Fanfiction ► The Pimpkey

    The pimpkey is said to hold phenomenal power. (secret trailer: DRUM DRUM) In one legend it was said to bring salvation to a world (DRUM DRUM) in another it was said to bring ruin upon it (DRUM) I must know what this pimpkey is. (DRUM *Opera singers or something dramatic like that*) Riku: My...
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    Most powerful character #2

    ES, the new guy, recently seen in Final Mix + is our most powerful character #2 Theorized to be Xehanort with brown hair, this guy is a freaking monster! you NEED drive forms to beat this guy he's that tough. He weilds a massive keyblade and does alot of flashy strong moves. In the secret...
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    KH most powerful character 1

    You know him, you love him, Sora, the Keyblade master! is powerful character number 1! once lived on destiny islands with his best friends: Riku and Kairi. Riku was always his number one rival, and their differences even caused them to quarrel a few times, however they were closest when they...
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    Im not sayin soras gay but tell me why

    im not saying sora's gay or anything but why was he so supprised when kairi hugged him in KH2 and he cried when he saw riku? lol
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    The 4 parts that make a whole.

    this theory has been posted several times, I keep rewriting it because people like my idea and I think that people should know about it. What am I talking about you ask? I talk of the parts that make a whole please humor me. A human in Kingdom Hearts consists of four natural parts. The...
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    The Keyblade, The Nature, The Story, 3 Masters of the Keyblade?

    Secret Trailer Breakthrough! (pos rep me if you like it) Sora Riku and Kairi We have Riku who is the darkness (just humor me for a minute) Riku/Ansem would represent Heartless Kairi who is the light (princess of heart) Kairi/Namine would represent Light monsters we havent seen yet and Sora...
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    Psst if you rep me Ill send you some free booze and drugs

    yo i need some rep! help a brotha out dawg
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    I am the master of theory and I need your help

    First I would like to point out that my rep is low lol jk actually this is because Ive run into a couple of dead ends in my theories and need your help to answer a few of these questions and smooth some things out I dont know if you read my other threads but you should probably look them up...
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    This theory is mine and only mine and guess what I HAVE MORE THOUGHTS!!!!

    there are two seperate sides of organization 13 we see, the ones trying to exist by ONLY using memories and the ones trying to exist by ONLY using hearts (kingdom hearts) the flaw is that you need both to fully exist, I theorize that there are 4 parts to a person: the heart, the soul, the body...
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    Fixed: Analyzing the Secret Ansem Reports, A new theory surfaces

    Ok my last thread is obviously very confusing to everyone so allow me to summarize my theory/evidence (I am not retyping what I thought about the Ansem reports they just get confusing read them yourself if you want to find where something was said) there are two seperate sides of organization...
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    Analyzing the secret Ansem reports- a new theory surfaces

    I was reading up on the old ansem reports and noticing how every one of them has small details that were overlooked foreshadowing the plot and understandings of KH2. so I took KH2's secret ansem reports and analyzed the ones I thought were important, forming a theory on KH3 and some things that...
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    A new idea

    Lets relate fm+'s secret video characters to the ones we know, the DS would be riku the ems would be the heartless ansem (maybe the one without a body) the boy would be sora and xehanort is just xehanort now this is just an idea but what if ems or the first ansem with no form somehow became...
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    Can You Solve My Riddle?

    Which came first the heart or the heartless.....you have to explain why too :toungesmile:
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    Decoding the Past and the Future!

    I agree, my theory may be whack but not as whack as the main characters having kids in a game with disney in it eh?
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    A new theory tell me what you think

    good idea, but I thought the keyblades were there actually I believe that i saw them get swept up into the giant keyblade wave but I could be wrong...if not then explain how the blue haired woman was kairi the brown haired man was riku and of course roxas we know about (which mean he dies!? OH NOES)