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    Master xehanort letters

    I meant to say reports not letters
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    Master xehanort letters

    Does anyone have fully accurate and fully translated mx letters? Or Know where I can find them.
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    Terra's Scenario

    Eraqus told ven that he should not exist and tried to kill him. Terra stepped in and prevented it from happening.
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    MX's intentions

    No way. Thats crazy. So he has been around since before the keyblade wars?
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    MX's intentions

    What was the reason MX wanted terra's body?
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    Official Secret Ending Discussion Thread

    I have a question. I have been looking for the answer but I can't find it anywhere. What was MX's reason for wanting terra's body?
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    Is it just me

    I see your point. It's a shame though it looks like if you do it right it could help your character a lot.
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    Is it just me

    Is it just me or does it seem like no one is using the boardgame system in birth by sleep? I have watched several videos of footage now and I havn't seen anyone use it at all. Just out of curiosity but does it suck?
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    birth by sleep glide

    I was just curious if the characters in birth by sleep have the glide ability.
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    birth by sleep glide

    I was just curious if anyone has seen proof that the characters have the glide ability. I know that they can dash, but it would be cool if they could glide aswell.
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    what cg battles would you like to see?

    It has to be Terra vs Vanitas cause Terra is the man. He owns all
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    Vanitas' golden eye

    Yeahyeahyeahyeah sorry I'm tired. I never noticed that it was his helmet before. I always thought that it was just a mess up with the photo
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    I think it will improve the series overall. The one I am waiting for is kh3, and considering the wait it had better be awesome.
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    kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep play arts figures.

    I have a feeling that Birth by sleep will be the best game next to the first one. I personally liked days but it overall wasn't amazing.
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    kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep play arts figures.

    They would be stupid if they didn't. Terra is one of the most badass looking square-enix characters I have ever seen. The arm sleeve is sick and his keyblade is the biggest, reminds me of a claymore.
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    kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep play arts figures.

    I hope they do. If they make terra it will be mine
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    Vanitas being a extra charcacter?

    It would be cool, but I don't think that the game will have enough room. UMD's only hold so much
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    Just curious

    good point. i don't see paul st. peter's voice fitting terra
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    Just curious

    I've noticed recently that they have started to release the names of voice actors for birth by sleep. I'm wondering if they will release the name of the person voicing terra. I am willing to bet that they won't because if it ends up being paul st. peter we will finally know that terra becomes...
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    What enemy frustrates you the most?

    I hate the boss fight at beasts castle with that machine thing that keeps ramming you and has heartless that shoots you from above. Sorry I cant remember the name of it