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  1. NotaHero21

    Lea Discussion

    Re: Ok everyone...Lea gets.. Oh I'm raising serious question with this one. Someone want to explain to me why a half developed, unimportant piece of shit like axel can get a keyblade, but numora cant find the time to develop any of the existing keyblade wielders, like I dont know kairi? You can...
  2. NotaHero21

    [Spoilers] Vanitas and Xehanort connection

    Next saga will be the vanitas sage, just sayin...
  3. NotaHero21

    Black Coat Riku in KH3D

    Re: Riku in KH3D I never played re:coded so I have no idea how data!riku acted, or what his personality was. Personally I'm hoping to see replica riku, if only for the chance that he might have the key to helping xion become her own person. Me and my selfish rion dreams...
  4. NotaHero21

    Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance Volume II: The Search for More Money

    Your quite incorrect about this just so you know. Also its nice to see this sites community is as opinionated and ignorant as ever.
  5. NotaHero21

    Theory on dream drop distance

    If the keyblade of sleep really is a variant to the kingdom key then Riku will be the one to wield it. However it seems likely that sora could lose the keyblade to riku given the tag line, "when darkness turns to light, the light falls". Then through the trial of losing the kingdom key sora will...
  6. NotaHero21

    New 3D info

    Because it was never said, in order to have console graphics it would need to sport a nifty micro-quad core processor. It doesn't and was never meant to, there by proving your an idiot.
  7. NotaHero21

    New 3D info

    I didn't say it was bad, I said I wasn't interested in it. Work on your reading comprehension.
  8. NotaHero21

    New 3D info

    It wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't being launched on a new and relatively unappealing handheld...if they release a version for the psp I'd be all for it, but I'm just kinda tired of KH at this point. It's very producer friendly, with no disregard to the consumer or its fanbase in general...
  9. NotaHero21

    New 3D info

    You just made claims with no proof to them...good job.
  10. NotaHero21

    New 3D info

    This game was ruined for me the second it was announced on the 3ds...so at this point its impossible for me to feel disappointment.
  11. NotaHero21

    KH3D/KHIII info in Famitsu (Full translation in the opening post!)

    Re: KH3D/KHIII info in Famitsu. If I got zidane as a party member, my fangasim would be uncontrollable...
  12. NotaHero21

    Birth by Sleep Wins Best Portable Console Game Award!

    It's about time kingdom hearts retained it's status in the gaming world, now if only kh3 would drop
  13. NotaHero21

    Crack Theory for DDD (Interpret it anyway you like.)

    Oh yes, do it numora
  14. NotaHero21

    Dream Drop Distance at TGS 2011

    We're all hoping, something in me snapped this e3 though...my love for the series has gone down greatly...I mean there are characters who I still love dearly but numora and his bs has gotten to me...
  15. NotaHero21

    Dream Drop Distance at TGS 2011

    I'm still waiting for that game to go multi-platform, I would bet money that's why there has been no new news about it...they likely delayed it to reconfigure the game for the 360 version, same as what happened with final fantasy 13.
  16. NotaHero21

    Dream Drop Distance at TGS 2011

    Not to go off topic but in regards to international releases, ff 13-2 is going to be legit, and I wont be able to spoil myself, as we get it at the same time as japan. Do this more square, much more.
  17. NotaHero21

    The World Ends With You In Kingdom Hearts?

    Still playing TWEWY I can state without doubt that it is 100% the best game square has made period, since making the jump from nintendo all those years ago, KH can stay far away, as well as not bothering to touch ff4,or 6...its to late for ff9, we all saw what happened to vivi...
  18. NotaHero21

    KH at E3?

    Now I have to go watch all of the 3rd digimon season damn it
  19. NotaHero21

    KH at E3?

    Or maybe we can just assume thats the case right now and stop bitching about it :/
  20. NotaHero21

    KH at E3?

    For the love of god dont let this happen. I hate to well...hate, but the wiiu is the most unappealing console I've ever seen, really this is the only new console that I've felt no exitement for...