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    Do you think "The Emperor's New Groove" world should be in BBS?

    That movie is hilarous, i loved it but i dont think it would fit in with the whole heartless thing, just doesnt fit in the storyline, BBS involves older more classic movies, this is my opionin.
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    yeah it was very fun to watch
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    i have a question

    that is a lie, people just want them to be gay. Like others have said, its disney people, i dont think disney is going to sell a video game about gays. They love each other as a friend, like friendship, u wanna protect ur friends right
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    Confirmed Worlds

    Re: Confirmed Worlds - Full list (Cinderella!!) well maybe the major disney worlds, the worlds that are more serious
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    Confirmed Worlds

    Re: Confirmed Worlds - Full list (Cinderella!!) I so agree with u about old disney movies being the best. Because now disney movies are so bad disney had to buy out pixar
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    How can it be Namine?

    so they 14th member is either aqua's nobody or a entirely new charactar but i am guessing it is aquas nobody cause namine played her part already.
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    How can it be Namine?

    I agree with you cuz if it was namine it would be boring cuz we already know her from Kh2. Plus Aqua looks like she could kick more butt! GO AQUA
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    How can it be Namine?

    i hope its aqua because namine was already introduced in KH2 and com so it has to be a new character
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    14 organization member

    Lol u r so funny:laugh: though that would be a twist
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    Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Discussion

    Well i first got me psp when they first came out but now they're $169 you can find them anywhere or buy a used one. I agree with you on the DS being the MX's apprentice it makes sense.
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    Which character do you hate in CoM?

    i never liked ansem and vexen is so weird and not evil. but that is just my opinion, somebody has 2 be the good guy( Sora) and there has to be a damsel in distress( Kairi)
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    Which character do you hate in CoM?

    i also hate vexen, i cant tell if he is a girl, boy or it, he laughs weird and scares me:thumbdown: