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    Are you Ready for KH???

    I've been waiting for a very long time for the game, although there are others I want to play more than KH2 the more time goes by...
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    Is Diz using Riku to destroy the 13th order?

    I don't think that the Nobodies are capable of being evil, although they do seem to have devious intentions like is shown in CoM. If DiZ has less-than-good intentions, it may be to become human again, that is, get back his heart. Which is more selfish than that of a mentor role he gives the...
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    Enigmatic Man

    If you played CoM, Ansem is still inside of Riku. You're theory is ooooooooooold. DiZ is, according to Vexen, "Ansem but not Ansem." The idea that most share is that he is Ansem's body and soul, so he isn't really Ansem, at least not the Ansem from KH, closer to the man he was before he was...
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    I forget which interview it was, but Nomura said that he might (keyword might) return as a more active character instead of a boss, as Sephiroth is one of his more popular characters. Don't take my word for it, though, because I can't find the link at the moment. I'm praying that Lance Bass...
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    Marluxia's Machine

    Computer graphic images are so easy to render, I have a program I can do it with. And Square has so much money I'm sure they can waste it on a non-jointed image that just looks like what it is. What you were showing is probably a official artwork of him that was used in official guides and...
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    Enigmatic Man

    EM is another character althogether, not Ansem. I'd say it's very possible that DiZ is another Ansem (close to 99%, especially after the conversation between Vexen and Riku in CoM)
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    Axel.... the Enigmatic Man?

    So much for no flaming. Maybe playing CoM three times all the way through isn't enough, but I do recall they were not all traitors. The Organization was created to mess aroun with Sora, the only traitor he killed was Vexen who released "forbidden memories" How do you know that Axel is not...
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    Axel Vs. Bhk

    Wish I could say Axel because he's a fellow redhead, but I have to go with BHK.
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    Axel.... the Enigmatic Man?

    OK, OK, don't flame me for this, I'm just speculating. This is comming from a number of interviews and generally regarded-as-fact speculation. For starters, Axel is obviously working to destroy the Organization (also known as the 13th Order). He killed several Organization members, and...
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    Anyone else realize this?

    Everyone has already stated the meaning of Sora's name, but I'll state it again for clarification. It means sky, Riku's land.
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    does anybody know about the rating?

    E, maybe E10+, but probably not T.
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    If bhk's name was sora then.......................

    I'd say it would be very interesting, ironic, even, if the BHK was named Sora. People are saying it's unncreative.... no, not really... I guess you could say that, but I've read novels where characters who share names with another can be much stranger (I recently read 2 books of a three part...
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    I love Vexen. I didn't have any problems thinking he was a boy, but then, about half the guys at my school have at least jaw-lenght hair. Not only is this OLD, OLD, OLD news, it's CONFIRMED he's a man. Somebody close this.
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    pic pic pic

    Isn't this from Final Mix? One of the added scenes?
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    The 13th order

    I don't think that they're members. But I could be wrong, and I don't think they could give themselves false names... I mean, Mickey Mouse is one of the most recognizable sillouhettes in American culture.
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    Evil or not?

    Neither, he walks the twilit path. So I can't answer the question.
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    An Axel Thoery

    All I've heard is that he is VERY important and VERY tragic. I like tragic characters, thefore I like Axel. Any theories on him? Not really... now that the game is close to the tentative release, I'd rather not come up with any more theories...
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    Why is it taking so long?

    You proved my point. Now get off an English site. Actually, you misspelled some things there, too.
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    anyone else think this about some theories?

    Nomura himself said that the second game is darker. I'm glad it is because I hate light-hearted stories...
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    Possible meaning of DiZ

    One of the Ansem reports, he says that he will "cast off his body" and then a later one he says he should be a heartless but isn't... I think he is a corrupted Heart, which is just as good as a heartless, because the same thing happened to the Disney villians.