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    Sora's heartless

    I was reading some Q&A topics on gamefaqs and ran into this question: What was Sora's heartless? Most fans who have played KH1 know that he turned into a humble shadow, but another player came up with this conclusion. In a way, Sora's current form IS his heartless. If you recall in KH1, Sora...
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    Title pronounciation?

    gahh i meant that the commercial pronounced it [three five eight days over two] x.x srry im lil' tired ._.
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    Title pronounciation?

    well i recently saw the new commercial for the game, 358/2 days. i thought it weird that they pronounced it [three-fifty-eight days over two]. i was never sure about how to actually call the game, i always thought of it as [three-fifty-eight half days] which is probably way off o.o" anyone...
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    [POLL] Mar-look-sha or Mar-loo-sha?

    lol. i used to pronounce his name as mar luck sia too :D i vote mar loo sha o3o