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    Want a Free 360 or any Electronic???

    No advertising . Thanks
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    adobe premiere elements help...

    Okay here is my problem every time I import an avi file into adobe premiere It only plays the sound and I cant see the video....does anyone know what the problem is??? Please I really need help I've been having this problem for months now and its really getting on my nerves...I want to make new...
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    Crisis core trailer 2!!!

    The game looks awsome and the cgi!!! here is the link to trailer 2!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PtZdjEbgim8
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    final fantasy 12

    A new video with english voice acting... http://gametrailers.com/umwatcher.php?id=3840
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    final fantasy: crisis core

    I found these new images of this game and it looks so awsome hope it doesnt dissapoint me.... http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v213/hinkuto/Scan1.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v213/hinkuto/Scan4.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v213/hinkuto/Scan5.jpg...
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    They messsed up! *BIG SPOILER*

    I don't remmember Roxas traveling to the real twilight town, unless I wasn't paying attention.
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    any "best" way to get final form?

    The best way is to to go to the world that Never was go to the place where you fought Sai'x or whatever his name use master form there and you'll get it...... 90% that will work.
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    the other ending of kingdom hearts 2

    I think the secret ending in this one is more confusing then the one of Kh1..... damn Square-Enix!!! I just hope you get to play as one of those dudes in armor, now that would be cool and at the end you find out that you were playing Mickey the whole time.... now that would be preety cool... but...
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    Just a simple question

    Does anyone here know where i can find kingdom hearts 2 cutscenes with good quality cuz i really need them. Thx for whoever can help.
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    Kingdom Hearts 2 Finishers

    12 days
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    How close to beating the game am I?

    I just beat Saix in the proof of existance place, all i want to know is the last boss next or what, cuz im a lil nervous finishing the game now first I want to know if theres anything else i got to do before fighting xemnas or do i just go through the door and fight him?
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    Did anyone feel bad for Roxas? (beginning spoilers)

    Yeah I was really sad since i started to like him a lot and all....seeing him go like that brought a tear to my eye...well maybe not a tear but you get the point. I thought he was really cool like on the 1st day playing as him.
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    1000 heartless battle lol

    I used reaction commands cuse that way the fight looks way cooler.
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    Im planning on beating the game once i reach lvl 100 , but Im worried of not haveing a challang agains the las boss. Oh by the way can any1 tell me how far im in the game i just beat those thousands of heartless. I just want to know if im close to the end or not.
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    KH2 Sora or KH1 Sora

    I like KH2 Sora just seems older and cooler even though he's still preety cheesy but thats Sora you know, wouldn't want a drastic change in him anyway.
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    WAS Sepheroith hard for you?

    Is Sephiroth harder in Kh2 than he was in 1??? I'm not there yet but just want a heads up before I face him.
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    Pirates of the Carribean VA

    I never saw the movie so i thought the voice acting was rather good, maybe once i see the movie ill think otherwise, but for now i thought they sounded great.
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    THE OFFICIAL "Little things I found wrong with kh2" THREAD

    What I thought was wrong was that all the worlds that ive been to so far are to easy and to short and I didnt even have to do any thinking to beat them. I also thought that most of the game didnt have anything to do with the main story, wich really pissed me off, but the new battle system i...
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    What Games Will Be Keeping You Busy Until KH2 Comes Out?

    The games that are keepig me busy are Megaman powered Up, Onimusha dawn of dreams, and MGS3 Subsistance, but so far I haven't beaten none of them. I wonder If I'll beat them by the time kingdom Hearts 2 comes out? Cuz if i don't Ima have to wait longer to play. dammit.
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    Something about Gamestop

    Yes its true, and its likely you'll get the game day it comes out, unlike gamecrazy they never get there stuff on time, and they charge to much so the moral is to never go to gamecrazy.