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    Help/Support ► Can She Do That?

    My friends dada was kid out at the age of 15 so its possible.
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    Help/Support ► Can She Do That?

    Well your parents really can't force you to go to church.
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    favorite music/band

    My favorite music/band would be heavy metal, rock, rap. The Devil Wears Prada, As Blood Runs Black, Gorilla Zoe, KoЯn, Suicide Silence, Hollywood Undead, and T-Pain. Oh and Godsmack. So what are yours?
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    Roxas Memories

    How did Roxas forget who or what he is in the first place.
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    Help/Support ► Something on my mind

    Dude seriously your name is badass and all, but no one cares about your problems.jk. But if u asck me shes the bitch.
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    Words of The World

    If you could live forever would you, If you could read minds would you. People dont want to die they want to live. Everybody wants to read minds, but sometimes the truth hurts. So be careful for what you want the most. Yall can discuss this, but the outcome is always the same. People are...
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    near the end of bbs. it shows screen shots of ven and terra watch 2 kids play (sora and riku) on destiny island.
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    Help needed for 100% completion of Jiminy's Journal

    for the first one use magnega on each stage and go to beserk mode and make sure u have fatal crest equiped also its so easy.
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    Who are you going to play in 358/2 Days

    Marluxia & zexion are the shit.
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    Can Yen Sid have a keyblade because in KH2 they talk about how he is Mickey's master/teacher?
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    look up pics and I bet i'm right, so how 'bout yes.
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    Proof that Roxas is Ven and Ven is Roxas. On Roxas rist is a checker banned & on his fingers are black and white rings.On Ven's rist a checker banned & on his fingers are black and white rings. Oh and he asks someone to erase him, though it was his memory he was talking about because he couldn't...
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    Terra's weapon

    Still it makes no sense right.
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    Terra's weapon

    Why is everybody worried about the keyblades, lets skip over to the fact that the video after the final mix+ makes no sense seeing that the way to dawn is in it. If heartless didn't exist back in bbs why is it there. The keychain is a heartless symbol. And by the way the other kingdom key that...
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    Does Terra..

    yeah its kindda a mistery right now.