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    New Magic Method: Good or bad?

    seriously the panel way is good and much better than the cards thing in CoM and i think they want to change the way forever and are still trying to find the best way but i'm not complaining about the panels it's actually better
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    about the reaction commands who else wishes they didn't remove it

    In Re: CoM i under stand it's all about the cards and stuff but in 358/2 days why didn't they put it personnely i liked the reaction commands but what is the excuse for not putting it in 358/2 days
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    Normal or Proud mode?

    I played on proud and it's not that hard actually some bosses's health differ with difficulty and normal they are really too weak while on beginner i can beat them with my eyes closed and both my hands tied behind my back
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    New Magic Method: Good or bad?

    personally i slightly like it since for example every fire spell you equip gives you one use until you use ether also that it will be challenging since it prevents people from spamming magic repeatedly at a hard boss or when surrounded by many enemies but personally i am not much of a magic...
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    How many hours?

    acctually it's not very long but it does take a couple of days if you're playing on a moderate or slightly fast pace but u finish it in a day or 2 if you are skiled and play it all day but it does have some battles and bosses that are very hard to beat.