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  1. whodeany

    KH3D TGS 2011 page.

    Very cool, getting excited for this. Will give me an excuse to buy a 3DS... eventually.
  2. whodeany

    Refutable BBSv2 possibilities

    I agree. But I can't help but wonder how they'll handle Ansem/Xemnas in the future. It seems that Ansem was purely evil, and wanted kingdom hearts only for power. The way he is constantly goading Riku to the darkness during COM, for example. Xemnas on the other hand, never really fit into the...
  3. whodeany

    Refutable BBSv2 possibilities

    I know that a lot of you already figure these things will be in BBSv2 (providing it is a game (which I think it will be)), but I figured I should share some research with you guys. I personally think there will be a Mickey campaign in this game, and a lot of these idea's point to that. Or at...
  4. whodeany

    What I want in a possible Re: Collection

    So, i'm sure there are plenty of topics about this already, but I started thinking about ways that they could improve upon the old games to make them better, and give us all a reason to buy them again. 1. I think there could be a new secret ending for all 3 games, which once all 3 are unlocked...
  5. whodeany

    Two things I'd like to discuss about BBSv2

    Nomura confirmed this, if I remember correctly. But I like the idea of it being Ventus more, so lets 'hope' he pulls another retcon and changes it. It would make a lot more sense than Mickey. So many questions... 1. How did he know Sora would get the Keyblade? 2. How did he talk to him? Also...
  6. whodeany

    Two things I'd like to discuss about BBSv2

    1. I was combing old interviews, for the sheer sake of boredom, and came across this little snippet: Its from a BBS Famitsu interview: This means, as far as I am concerned, that BBSv2, being between bbs/1, will touch on Xemnas's intentions and quite possibly explain the distribution of...
  7. whodeany

    Drop Gauge..

    I thought that the heart machine explosion cleansed him of his darkness, or was it just Ansem that was purged from him?
  8. whodeany

    Drop Gauge..

    At the moment we don't have much of an idea of what the drop gauge is actually going to do for us during 3D. I was just looking at the screenshots for khddd, and the aura's around Sora/Riku probably have something do with it. I'm thinking it's going to be a similar system to the command styles...
  9. whodeany

    Command Styles that should have been included...

    Don't get me wrong, I love the command styles in BBS, but it seems there could have been better ones. For e.g.: Terra - could have had one that made him fight with his keyblade in a similar way to lingering sentiment. I mean, who wouldn't want to have a whip keyblade? And it seems so bizzare...
  10. whodeany

    BBSv2 Bosses speculation

    I'm pretty sure it would be impossible for AX to fight against the apprentice heartless, as if they were heartless, he would be too... Making him Ansem SOD or Xemnas. But I like some of these ideas, Mickey v chernabog would be a cool throwback to fantasia, aqua v Xemnas/Ansem would be awesome...
  11. whodeany

    Lingering Sentiment... party member?

    So, i looked around and couldn't find anything similar to this, so i'll just throw this out. Sora is going to save everyone, or at least try (but since its Disney... he will.), and i'm betting he will have to return to the Keyblade Graveyard during his travels, and who will be waiting for him...
  12. whodeany

    Kingdom Hearts 3D: Sora and Riku to See Clothing Changes

    Ahh this is exciting, and makes me so relieved he understands the clothes are overused by remakes and such. Also, quite happy my 'theory' was confirmed. But I digress, I really like the kh2 clothes at the beginning, kh1 during the 'dream' sequences and at the end they receive a new set of...
  13. whodeany

    KH: DDD costumes...

    So this is confirmed now. Thank you Nomura, you made my day.
  14. whodeany

    KH: DDD costumes...

    So the recent Nomura interview confirmed that only part of DDD is going to be the MoM exam. The first thing I though of when hearing that was, maybe that means part of this game would be played in kh1 outfits (during dream segments), and the rest would be in kh2 outfits (in the real world, maybe...
  15. whodeany

    More New Information From Famitsu on KH3D

    My prediction: KH:DDD won't come out for another 2 years. Kh2 came out 3 years after it kh1, and bbs basically came out 5 years after it debuted (as the secret ending). It's entirely possible that he's releasing info too early again, and we have a MASSIVE wait infront of us again. Which pisses...
  16. whodeany

    Birth By Sleep -Volume Two- Multi Character Game? *Spoilers?*

    So, If this is a 'sequel' to Birth by Sleep, then I would expect there to be a multiple character scenario. Here is what I'm thinking. Keep in mind, this thinking that the game could span the time from the end of bbs, perhaps to the beginning of Coded. If you think it will only last till the...
  17. whodeany

    Birth By Sleep Vol. 2 Worlds Theory/Speculation

    I really like this idea. I think there should still be a 'world hub' so that you can select where you will travel to next, so to keep to the overall series structure. But yeah, dark twisted versions of the worlds that fell to darkness. That could make for some inspired heartless killin'.
  18. whodeany

    BBSFM Secret Ending confirms Mystery Game

    It's probably all according to Xehanorts plan. Take over Terra, flood the realm of light with darkness, make the second keyblade war (which is what kh3 will probs be about, Keyblade wielders clashing). The red eyes thing? I'm excited to see what that is. Im skeptical as to say its a Heartless...
  19. whodeany

    BBSFM Secret Ending confirms Mystery Game

    I love how the light in the clouds above the castle look like eyes. Foreshadowing to someone watching Aqua perhaps?
  20. whodeany

    BBSFM Secret Ending confirms Mystery Game

    Just imagine... 2011 - birth by sleep volume 2 2012 - 3D 2013 - kingdom hearts 3 If only it were that simple. It's most likely this will be in 2012 with coded, and kh3 will be in 2015... Or later.