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  1. Zephyr

    News ► How Sora Found His Way into Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    <p>Many fans of Kingdom Hearts knew beforehand that Sora would be a very difficult character to include due to the legal barriers of Disney. According to <a href="https://twitter.com/PushDustIn/status/1450855082203901954">PushDustIn</a> &amp; <a...
  2. Zephyr

    Kingdom Hearts Series Coming to Nintendo Switch as Cloud Versions

    <p>During today's Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct, the <a href="https://twitter.com/NintendoAmerica/status/1445397581215973384" target="_blank"><em>Kingdom Hearts series</em> has been announced for the Nintendo Switch as cloud versions</a>. Release date is to be announced later.<br /><br...
  3. Zephyr

    News ► Kingdom Hearts 3 Tsum Tsum Plush Set releasing October 27th, 2020

    I was not expecting this to happen. They are so cute. ;A;
  4. Zephyr

    News ► Kingdom Hearts 3 Tsum Tsum Plush Set releasing October 27th, 2020

    <p><a href="https://shopdisney.disney.co.jp/goods/4936313123784.html">shopDisney Japan</a><span>&nbsp;lists a KINGDOM HEARTS III Tsum Tsum Plush set collection for&nbsp;</span><span>5,500 yen.</span><span>&nbsp;The set features Sora, Riku, Kairi, Mickey, Young Xehanort, Lea, Roxas, and Aqua. It...
  5. Zephyr

    News ► Tetsuya Nomura teases final trailer for Melody of Memory

    <p><a href="https://twitter.com/_KINGDOMHEARTS/status/1298625099713507334">Tetsuya Nomura teases on the official Japanese KINGDOM HEARTS Twitter</a> a final trailer for KINGDOM HEARTS Melody of Memory.</p> <blockquote>Good evening. The release date was suddenly announced and in addition, this...
  6. Zephyr

    News ► Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory Releases November 13 2020

    <p>A new trailer for&nbsp;<em>Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory&nbsp;</em>has been revealed during today's&nbsp;<a href="https://youtu.be/PXd3Jw4DoNQ?t=49">Nintendo Direct Mini</a>. Fans can play&nbsp;<em>Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory</em> on <strong>November 13th</strong>&nbsp;on PlayStation 4...
  7. Zephyr

    Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered

    Excited for the online multiplayer, it'd be fun to play with friends.
  8. Zephyr

    What's everyone's thoughts on the minneapolis riots?

    I mean, if understanding the message behind it is lost, then I suppose?
  9. Zephyr

    What's everyone's thoughts on the minneapolis riots?

    Why does nobody in power want to hold the cops accountable for George Floyd's death? It's frustrating.
  10. Zephyr

    What's everyone's thoughts on the minneapolis riots?

    We need the support from everyone, including you. The issue is if most of the people in our country are racists, there is no way we can outvote them, how do we even defend ourselves against that or a group with unlimited weaponry with no remorse for murder of innocent people?
  11. Zephyr

    Dark Road ► Soo...about Dark Road....

    It's going to be difficult with coronavirus safety guidelines. They can't be near a lot of people. While we don't know what their work offices are like, games like these usually require teams of people to communicate with each other or their workstations might be very close.
  12. Zephyr

    Dark Road ► So we are in May now...

    Doesn't KH3 technically have more content than KH2/KH1 and it's still not a full game? We also have to consider that the content of Final Mixes did not originally appear in their base/vanilla versions. If the content of FF7R was stretched out, wouldn't it "lose its quality" to accommodate the...
  13. Zephyr

    Bravely Default II - Or is it Bravely 3 technically? February 2021

    I have mixed feelings about the protagonist designs but the thief girl is pretty amazing.
  14. Zephyr

    HQ (High quality) version of the Kingdom Hearts emblem

    There are currently no official high quality versions of the logo. However, me and @Dandelion had actually recreated the logo in hi-resolution. Check in the link below. https://images.khinsider.com/2018%20Uploads/05/PremiereEvent/Logo.png
  15. Zephyr

    Final Fantasy VIII Remastered coming 2019!!

    I'd be really surprised if it does, considering how old the game is, but I'm not expecting it.
  16. Zephyr

    Pokemon | Scarlet & Violet (2022) + Legends Arceus is king

    I'm curious to see how the shiny versions of the new Pokémon look. Maybe a pink or baby blue Yamper, a white Corviknight, a black Duraludon, etc.
  17. Zephyr

    Film ► The Little Mermaid Live Action Remake

    We don't know what Ariel looks like in the live-action movie yet; we've only seen her actress. So there is still time to reserve judgement.
  18. Zephyr

    News ► New Tangled Images Surface in Weekly Shonen Jump

    <p style="text-align: left;">New Tangled images have surfaced in the latest issue of Weekly Shonen Jump! In the new screenshots, Sora, Donald, Goofy, and Flynn are seen together and Rapunzel is climbing down her hair to escape the tower.</p> <p style="text-align: left;"><strong>Zephyr</strong>...
  19. Zephyr

    News ► TWEWY Final Remix's "A New Day" featured in latest issue of Famitsu

    Re: TWEWY Final Remix&#039;s "A New Day" featured in latest issue of Famitsu Judging from the shape/number of the letters, I think it says Spinning Cup (スピニングカップ). There are too many letters for it to be Blizzaza or etc.
  20. Zephyr

    News ► Neku Bring Arts Available for Preorder at Square Enix Store

    <p>Previously making its <a href="https://www.khinsider.com/news/The-World-Ends-With-You-Neku-Bring-Arts-figure-announced-at-SDCC-2018-12777">first debut at San Diego Comic Con 2018</a>, the Neku Bring Arts is now <a...