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  1. MegaCore5

    Help/Support ► Home theater setup issues... Help!

    Okay so I just bought two speakers for my tv. I have speaker wires but I'm not sure if I need something else attached to the end that is connected to the speaker... Does that make sense? I have pictures of how I set it up. Also I was told that the receiver I bought had a optical outlet... Which...
  2. MegaCore5

    SPOILERS: Kingdom Hearts Re:coded Secret Movie!

    Okay yep I remember now... Darn though I was on to something... So just a plot hole?
  3. MegaCore5

    SPOILERS: Kingdom Hearts Re:coded Secret Movie!

    Um could you elaborate the part about MX knowing about the black coats? He wore the black coat or just a black coat? My memory is a bit hazy.
  4. MegaCore5

    SPOILERS: Kingdom Hearts Re:coded Secret Movie!

    I don't think it's just a plot hole. Have you seen the credits for bbs? There's a clip of Lea and Saix getting kicked out of the Castle by Dilan. I'd say Lea and Isa started the black coat trend so they could try getting into the castle again by using a disguise. It apparently worked because Lea...
  5. MegaCore5

    SPOILERS: Kingdom Hearts Re:coded Secret Movie!

    Does anyone know why Lea and said are Isa are still wearing black robes? It seems that once you go back to your original self you appear back in the clothes you wore before... So in that case Lea and Isa must have been wearing the robes before their death for some reason... If all of this is...
  6. MegaCore5

    How much munny did you get with Roxas?

    Roxas: 3 munny? Bob Barker: Higher Roxas. Roxas: 5 munny? Bob Barker: Lower Roxas. Roxas: ONE BILLION MUNNY! Bob Barker: No you idiot!! (Srry couldn't help myself hopefully everyone will get the reference :D)
  7. MegaCore5

    Best Gummi paths

    Does anyone have a specific path they use to hunt down the thrusters? As im getting further into the missions im finding myself without any booster left over because of how many times I have to use it... Last time I had to hunt for 400 gummi after I used my last booster.
  8. MegaCore5

    Chirithii locations?

    Does anyone know where Chirithii is when she gives you the mission destroy the dark balls? I looked all over Dwarf woodlands with no luck :(
  9. MegaCore5

    Dream Drop Distance: glitches and bugs

    When I fought Juilus in Traverse town there was this freak accident where as he was jumping got stuck in the pole next to the mail building and just kept floating there. (This was my first and only time beating him as I was never able to do this again :) )
  10. MegaCore5

    News ► New Re:coded Screenshots from Kingdom Hearts 2.5!

    in a way it is, and those that are not hard core fans would take this news really badly and possibly not buy the game at all! If they say its going to look a certain way in the game, then that is how it should look.
  11. MegaCore5

    News ► New Re:coded Screenshots from Kingdom Hearts 2.5!

    Strange, It seems a bit ridiculous to change the scene for an advertisement but not do it for the actual game.
  12. MegaCore5

    WAIT wait... wait...

    . A new design altogether would be nice. But he said that the DDD look for sora was a step in the right direction so it's likely that Sora will have a similar look to DDD obviously without the siggal.
  13. MegaCore5

    The original protagonist

    Indeed that is how it all started! KH 1 had more charm than storyline and it hooked us all in, (Young teen Sora was definitely the cutest thing ever!) And KH2 is more of a darker and mysterious game because of the organization.
  14. MegaCore5

    News ► Nomura interested in making Birth by Sleep Play Arts Kai figures

    I'd just like some aqua, ven, and MX figs myself. phshawww we all know what you're really thinking limit ;)
  15. MegaCore5

    Has Stitch been to Destiny Islands?

    I think that's his world was swallowed by the darkness too. But happened to Lillo?? I don't think stitch would just leave her to die... No I think they just call him that in BBS. By that time 626 has met with lilo ( we know this because he sings and hulas which is something Lilo taught him...
  16. MegaCore5

    KH2 was censored?

    maybe this was to be censored in the RE: version but I think the script was rewrote a bit so maybe Nomura just felt there was no point in having Axel say that :/
  17. MegaCore5

    What Is the worst mission or boss in Kingdom Hearst 358/2 Days?

    I think you mean infernal engine. The key to beating this guy was taking out the archers first then going for his mouth area. You don't want to use fire on this guy because he is almost immune to it. Air dodge the archers attacks then wait for an opening then you should be all set.
  18. MegaCore5

    KH2 was censored?

    Well there is speculation on whether or not that is actually a swear word (but I don't want to go too deep into that discussion) but I remember TWEWY to have lot of swearing especially from Beat.
  19. MegaCore5

    My First Time Trying the High Jump Glitch

    Are you talking about the one in the destiny islands revisit/ the end of the world? I copied a save file so I could do that one over and over again. Not to get entirely off topic but you can do something similar to this in Sonuc adventure 2 for the dreamcast. In Chao garden if you run sonic or...
  20. MegaCore5

    What Is the worst mission or boss in Kingdom Hearst 358/2 Days?

    Leechgrave would not have been so hard as long as those arms would stop respawning every two seconds. It is just stupid to make you run around killing the other arms (while more show up I might add) when you should just be able to attack LG directly. I don't understand how the smaller arms knock...