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    U.E.M's Keyblade [Secret Trailer]

    Re: Old Man's Keyblade Maybe Nomura was going deeper than a physical keyblade here. Maybe the longing for darkness in his heart, the feelings of hatred, curiousity, confusion, etc. is what opened the door. Maybe that was the "key" that opened it. Just a thought. :D
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    U.E.M's Keyblade [Secret Trailer]

    Haha, that's very true. It could just be for "show" and have nothing to do with unlocking kingdom hearts or anything since that scene went by really quickly. And it's true that there may be a certain keyblade that holds Kingdom Hearts inside, or has the power to unlock it, or was trapped in...
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    U.E.M's Keyblade [Secret Trailer]

    I was watching it again before going to school, and I've watched this thing over 20 times and never really noticed a certain part until now. The ball of energy that he shoots into the sky that reveals Kingdom Hearts was actually his keyblade. I guess that's a cool way of saying that he...