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    How ventus is related to roxas

    well for why 3 nobodies werent made;why would there have been? if vens heart is connected to soras why would it leave when he released it?
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    land of departure

    it doesnt matter if the world were taken by ansem. it was the world taken by the heartless. member what sora donald and goofy talked about at the end of the world in kh1? goofy is this all thats left of the worlds taken by the heartless? sora those worlds will be restored once we defeat...
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    Vanitas' face

    wait!!! the pic of the right is from a scan!! they showed it on khi a little while ago. if you look just below the pic on the right you see it isnt the same pic. thats where in the scan it was changing articals or pictures. i remember seeing it when new scans came out on khinsider. that still...
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    Vanitas' face

    OMG!!! you right he looks almost completely different! i mean his eyes and face are almost copletely different!! on the right his eyes are more greenished colored and on the left his eyes are blue like sora/ roxas' eyes.if the picture on the left is from the trailer wheres that one on the...
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    Castle Oblivion

    "since Ven woke up in a room that looked like the Room of Repose, but with different floor markings" quote Traverse Town123X. when did ven wake up in that room? in the trailer ven was in that room i remember but he didnt exactly look 'awake'.
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    Vanitas' face

    i watched the new trailer that just came out and did any one else notice how strange looking vanitas' eye is? when i saw it i rewinded it and watched the scene (which was only like 4 secs long) and i paused it when the mask he was wearing starts to disolve. when i paused it near the end just...
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    Why did DiZ ask Riku who he was in KH2?

    diz knew that he had changed appearance to 'ansem' and asked him what he was refering him self as. member at the end when he was talking to mickey and he said that when he asked him he could only laugh to hide his shame for bringing this apon riku.
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    Ages of Org's somebodies

    Re: Ages of Org's somebody's well if they dont age that would help explain why siax and axel looks so young. i mean how old do they look in kh2? if they did age; since in the scans they look to be about vens age and the time skip to kh2 is ten years, thats about 25, 26.(depending how old ven...