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    The "Key" to the Unbirths.

    Let's see... if I had to guess, I'd say that Unbirths are the result of lost memories (or want memories), brought about because of Master Xehanort, and are connected to Castle Oblivion. I'm being simplistic about it, mainly because I'm going to think on this more. But any of that close?
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    The "Key" to the Unbirths.

    Hmm... this is certainly interesting to read. I think I'm going to look into posting here a bit later in the day, when I have more time to come up with something. I certainly look forward to the conclusion, if just because I enjoy hearing about the Unbirths. Also, Audo, you need to repost hint...
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    Which Organization member....

    Having read the reviews, Zexion seems to be very powerful. I'd say though that for the most part, it's the overall group dynamics that makes them different.
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    Org 13 and nobodies

    Personally, I wouldn't be surprised if we see more Nobodies than we did in KH2, variety-wise. After all, KH2 had more variety with Heartless than KH1. Just hoping we get Nobodies that seem like they'd belong to the other members, just because I want to see SE's take on them. But yeah... the...
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    dumb unbirth theory

    I'm pretty certain Unbirth's are tied to Master Xehanort. Depending on how the Xehanort we know for the most part is created, it is possible Unbirth's could reappear, so while they are extinct now, don't expect them to remain that way for sure. Personally, it must be something personally done...
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    Terra Theory

    I know the person who made the sig. Want me to ask him if he'll resize it? And on subject, usually the most obvious answer is the true answer. Going off of what we know, and the various patterns that seem to develop, it's likely Terra is related to Xehanort in some way at least, but how and...
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    I'm curious, since I don't know the various interviews/ultimania translations off-hand, if they still have four realms. Last I heard, they were the realms of Light, Darkness, Nothingness, and the In-Between. I'm curious partially because I wonder if we'll see at least one keyblade master from...
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    Organization XIII and Astrology

    Yeah, random topic, but I can't think of where to put it, for one. If each member of the Organization was to be compared to a sign in the western Zodiac, which one do you think would go to each member? Not a lot of point to this topic, but I'm bored, and I think it could spark some nice...
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    does Axel have a heart?

    I'm still iffy on the whole Nobodies can't feel emotions thing as it is. We don't really know what the heart or the soul provide in terms of emotional, mental, spiritual, etc. aspects of a normal human. We don't know what they correspond to. I know that it is stated by people several times...
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    Marluxia's plan??

    The neophytes would be the members added after the original six, Saix and below in numerical order. Supposedly, there is a sort of... friction between the two groups in Days, although I wouldn't know it personally.
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    Uh... there are joke weapons... unless you're saying something entirely different than what I think you mean. Admittedly some of them aren't really jokes, but a good majority of them are. Edit: Ah, scratch that, I get what you mean. :P But you made a video of weapons? Are you just showing them...
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    Org 13 party members

    True, but I'm hoping for more... individualized things, like how Saix and Lexaeus would differ in combat, or Vexen and Zexion, how they're similar, etc. Like... a list of pros and cons for the Organization Members (not too concerned about the others, personally, I can tell what they play like).
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    Org 13 party members

    I was hoping for more generic groups, simply because I'm trying to get a rough idea how each member plays, and what they would be best at. The stats help some, but it's only so much help, but you seemed well-versed in how they played, so I thought I'd ask.
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    Heartless Groups

    I was trying to divide them into a group of seven variety's of Heartless. I came up with six, natural Heartless like Shadow, Darkball, Invisible, things like that, the magic users (like the musical heartless and Wizards), flying Heartless (Angel Star, Air Soldier, Air Pirate, Search Ghosts...
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    Org 13 party members

    Infinity (guy who posted above, since I can't type the infinity symbol), would you mind trying to explain how each member fits into combat situations? I'm curious on hearing more opinions on people's opinions on them.
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    Nobody Thread

    2jd528p.png picture by Elmine - Photobucket This is a Nobody of a Geomancer. I didn't make it, but I thought people here would like to see it, since I think it's very impressive for not being official. Anyone else who has Nobody drawings is welcome to share them here. :) Or Heartless.
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    If They Were Playable...

    Only Ansem, SoD. The others aren't really characters I can see as playable. Plus, he's awesome, and fits the group fairly well.
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    Woo! This makes me really happy to hear. Can't wait to see all of them. :) Thank you.
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    Quick question about weapons. Aside from the Keyblades of Roxas (and *spoilers*), are the Organization weapons simply recolors of their ultimate weapon, aside from the joke weapons? I'm a bit worried this may be the case, but I hope it isn't.
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    Sorry if this has been asked before

    Castle Oblivion?