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    dude. if u dont get kingdom hearts i will lose all respect for u. i've played ratchet and clanks. their ok but not as good as kingdom hearts(obv my fav series).
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    i'd say get it again. only this time when u play it play it on hard mode and do everything u didnt do before. get the ultima weapon, save the king/queen, go to level 100, beat sephiroth with kingdom key etc. get it again for 20 bucks and take it to new heights so it's a challenge again.
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    Bigger Image of Sora's "NEW" Keyblade

    not rele. fenrir looked exactly like modern keys. the keys that we use today to open our house doors. i've never seen a key that looks like that heartless keyblade. also in response to the above post, i dont like the shrooms either but that keyblade does look pretty cool(and it's got so much...
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    Bigger Image of Sora's "NEW" Keyblade

    yea it looks cool but its not a key anymore... i thought fenrir was pushing it but this looks nothing like a key.
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    What are all the new things in Final Mix?

    everythings here. http://kh2.co.uk/lite.php?kh=Final Mix
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    Paradox Cerebrus Cup HELP!

    overuse the stitch summon and play ur lil instrument so u dont do damage but millions of orbs fall.
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    I Cant Defeat Malificent Dragon!

    use aero and tinker bell and u'll be good to go.
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    KH Final Mix In US??

    this wont happen. only way it might is if it was a special included with fm+ like if u pre-order it or sumthin. even that is doubtful but khfm will never come out in US.
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    The Strongest Org Member!!

    but they aren't asking which org member u like the best or which one had the best battle but who was stronger based on storyline. for example xaldin would probably be the strongest member because he was the hardest boss battle but he isn't because xemnas is strongest based on storyline.
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    The Strongest Org Member!!

    but its not about who was the hardest fight but who in the storyline was strongest.
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    The Strongest Org Member!!

    xemnas. in com everyone was afraid of "the superior" so u know xemnas is strong plus marluxia needed sora to take him down. also xemnas may have the ability to turn nobodies into dusks(like when axel said) so in a tourney he would probably just turn them into a dusk and then kill them. theres no...
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    roxas' element is light. and zexion only used light because he was copying sora. riku obviously saw it was fake because zexion couldnt hide all of his darkness with a lil light.
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    All Action Replay Max codes for KH2 brought to you by Square.Legend.Network(S.L.N.)

    Re: All Action Replay Max codes for KH2 brought to you by Square.Legend.Network(S.L.N someone should like, answer these 4 pages worth of questions(and all of the same questions). or some1 should update this >_>.
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    Why didn't Namine destroy the org?

    o right right. so yea namine couldnt have taken out the org.
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    Anti Form theory

    i only went anti once >_>.
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    Why didn't Namine destroy the org?

    couldnt she had broken their hearts? remember when marluxia tried to make her throw away sora's memories and essentially break his heart and he said it was okay because he would always remember his promise but she refused to do it anyways.
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    new gba KH

    gameboy advance is outdated. currently its the ds and psp(i'd hope for ds) but u neva know. maybe nintendo will make a new type of gameboy(we've seen color and advance but maybe another is yet to come).
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    Kingdom Hearts 2 the manga!

    there are already some very sexy pictures of axel in the com manga. y would kh2 be any diff? also i like the kh manga. the actual kh ones aren't that good but i think it'll get better. i do however like the com manga. shows u A LOT more of the org and how they act. i mainly enjoy it because u...
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    Favorite Org. Member

    you put marluxia 2ce and missed ur fav character lexaeus... also u paired luxord with roxas, my least fav and my fav... that poll is corruption!but i guess i'll put my opinions here.... i've never actually thought about it... lets make a list ^_^. 1. Xemnas-i liked him ever since he was the...