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    Donald & Goofy younger in BBS?

    Lol i guess they would be protecting Mickey right? Isn't that what they did back in the day?
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    The Best of The Best

    I thought Fenrir was badass. I like Guard!
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    hardest boss

    Captain Hook for me. I dont know why, but i just COULD NOT dodge his attacks. I also had to go through Riku IV a few times.
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    want is every difference between kh2 and kh2fm?

    Uhhh Mushroom Heartless, New keyblades, roxas fight, new drive form, And the cave of remembrance. + what Shadowrelm said. KingDoom what the heck did you say?
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    Pride Rock Leveling?

    Yes, the swarm was removed from Final Mix because people used it to level too much. I know it was supposed to be replaced by something else but i dunno what. ~~~~
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    Something Axel said...

    yes, i agree. "Got it memorized?" is "more better". -_-
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    Quest for Release

    Mussssst.....haaaaaavve.......fM+............Inn Ammeriicaaaa........ Go Us! Square does actually read things from fans, so if we get enough support, we WILL make something happen! Can someone post up an adress for us to send E-mail to? I will send as many begging letters as possible if it gets...
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    More evidence of false keyblades(BASIC!!!)

    Yeah. SOoooo... I watched the Secret movie and Something very basic I just happened to see. I just want to see what people think, rather than claiming I found something startling.
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    CoM Question

    Yeah. I got KH2 before I had played CoM, and I was like, "WTE?!?! WHERE'S SORA?!?!?"
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    Axel 2nd time

    You can dodge roll right through ANY ATTACK, so you can go right through Firewall. dont waste 0 cards on stupid breaks, lol. Firetooth should definately be broken, so use them on that.
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    Zexion's Weapon Discussion

    Ummmmm..... that was an illusion. his real weapon is a book.
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    Hades I Can't Deafeat Him!!!!!!!!

    I just owned him on my first try......ummm.... It helps to lure him to use his flamethrower attack, then dodge roll out of the way, coming back with strong iice magic or even just a spurt of keyblades. hope this helps. just keep trying. some boss fights took me forever to do.
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    Which character do you hate in CoM?

    What ever..................lol
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    Which character do you hate in CoM?

    Well you're new. Welcome! PM me if you need help with anything.
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    Which character do you hate in CoM?

    Lets not start a gang war here........ P.S. Yes, Vexen was a child molester. Why else would he be so concerned with creating clones of children?lol.!!!!
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    What Xemnas said.....

    at the final battle, when Sora said " there's more to a heart than just anger or hate. Its full of all kinds of feelings. Dont you remember what its like to have a heart?" Xemnas said: " Unfortunately, I dont." But isnt that what made the Org. special? that they had remembered what it was like...
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    Which character do you hate in CoM?

    Vexen= Child Molester. Not j/k. Seriously. He is.
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    Fanfiction ► A New Journey

    Great job, Angels!!! I have now become a fan of this fic! keep up the good work. I used to do pretty good writing, but i dont like doing it that much :toungesmile: Sehr Gut! (German, lol!)
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    Name Chain!!!

    If you have something in common with the post's above you's name, post another reply. (EX: If the person above you has Sora in their name, and you do too, post. you can match any word or number in the name above you.) GOOD LUCK!!!
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    How did you find out about this site?

    Just wondering. I was looking around on you tube for KH2 stuff, and I found a link. The site seems a little unknown, but there are a lot of members. Was anyone else just lucky?