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    Sora VS. Roxas in KH2 (BBS spoilers)

    It can't be the keyblade sine he said "He" and I don't see a reason for Roxas asking about Ansem, since Ansem already answerd his question at the start of the game "You reside in darkness, I need someone that can walk in the realm of light and destroy Orginazation XIII" plus Roxas answerd...
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    Sora VS. Roxas in KH2 (BBS spoilers)

    Hello ;) First of all I didn't play BBS yet so please don't spoil me more then I have spoiled myself :). I Noticed that in KH2 Roxas says to Sora "Tell me why he picked you!" my question is this, does he mean Ventus? I Always presumed he meant the keyblade, but now I wonder if he meant Ventus...
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    E.S. Jiminiy Journal Picture

    Actully the translation isn't that intresting, it's something like "an enegmetic soldier whom fought sora, he has a connection to sora" (actully after the fight you get an item named "proof of connection")
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    noticed something in KH2FM regardin ES

    hey you can see it here =] YouTube - KH2FM- ES Attempt (Critical Mode) *Failed* just for a second when he pick up his keyblade
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    noticed something in KH2FM regardin ES

    Well i went and re-battled ES again and again (since it's fun) and then i noticed something in his keyblade, he has a hole for a keychain, he hides it with his hand but when he raise them you can clearly see it. the fact is that in the secret ending he is shown without a keychain while only...