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    Not been here for years (Sprites)

    so I thought I'd post some of my old stuff see if anyone remembers KaZukans Sprites Photos by KaZuKan | Photobucket
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    That Song Should Of Been In....

    every heard a song and thought wow that songs goes so well with {incert game name here} or wow that songs reminds me of {incert games character name here} i just want to know what songs u think should of been in a game for me in gotta be Godsmacks I Am from the faceless album that song should...
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    Yi-Gi-Oh and GX

    any1 like YGO? GX really just started over here but its not so bad
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    Final Mix

    was it ever said who the Organisation member in final mix was:?
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    Invader ZIM!!!!!!!!

    any1 like this show? its messed up but funny as hell i love it im trying to get the box set but no luck yet
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    any1 like these there my favioute band i have all 3 albums there the best (2 me)
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    Hercules vs Auron...?!?

    i think that Auron being in the game is set before FF10 remember when Auron said he needed a way back to Zanakind (SP?) well hades could of promised him that in exchange for killing hercs/ and or Sora
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    Clouds Attacks Warning Spoliers for AC

    maybe "oh my god" could Cloud change his sword !!!!!!! to the one from AC BY GOD LET THY WHO SAY SUCH DIE A THOUSAND TIMES!
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    well how 'bout this conclusion!

    and your so sure of this how? not a bad theory but i dont think so some how now a clone of Ansem seems more likely
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    Theoys not allowed?

    it seems to be that if your new here and sometimes when your not when somebody posts up a theoy of KHII there is always somebody going "NO ING WAY THATS GAY YOU SHOULD DIE FOR EVEN SAYING SOMETHING LIKE THAT AND I AM JUST SOME RETARD WHO COMES ON HERE JUST TO FLAME EVERY SINGLE THOEY THAT...
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    SSJ3 Goku or Mystic Gohan

    who do you think is stronger?
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    do you think kh 2 will be 2 discs?

    as long as the game is long and good/fun to play it can be on 5 disk and maybe his fav is Setharoth and not seph-I-roth
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    Who would like-no love to see a happy ending to KH2?

    i want it to have multi-endings (about 3)
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    Damn Bhk Threads

    i cant wait for them to give him a name BHK sounds like a diesese
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    Damn Bhk Threads

    people should not judge the character until they have seen him in action