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    honestly I don't have a favorite keyblade I only don't like th efollwing keyblades olympia,wishing star,jungle king, crab claw (can't stand having to go to Atlantica)and fairy's harp actually if fairy's harp would be longer like the rest of them I would probably like it as wellt
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    at what level did you beat the game

    I was at level 42 and the only reason I can remember is because it was my cousins game and I asked him if my level was high enough and he said not...but I tried to beat it anyway and actually won ^_^ yeah me
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    Kh2 and FF videos

    the site says they are down....can someone email me an attachment....I want to see and rate them properly
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    ive got past tarzan

    yeha good job...also you have all these people here who I am sure would like to help you on the game whenever they can right peoplesz?
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    What level were you when you beat the game?

    Re: what lvl where u when u beat the game? 45 with Lionheart keyblade
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    Sephiroth vs Enigmatic Man

    I think Sephiroth
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    Ultima Weapon

    Re: Hottest Eva! I think it would be better if they took the little yellow line things off of it
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    KH Movie Project

    Re: KH Movie Project (repost again because of forum errors) I hope they make a moie...it would be cool if they use the graphics from FFAC
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    Least Favorite world in KH?

    Monstro...even though I liked the music Atlantica...that was too pointless...and they should have left them as regular characters like in COM instead of transforming them Deep Jungle...why put it in the first one and not put it in COM Wonderland...need I asy more?
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    How many times have you played KH?

    Re: how many times have u replayed kh roughly about 3-4 times
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    rate kh

    yeah it is great but NO GAME is 10 out of 10...I give it a 9/10...because to be 10/10 it would have to be perfect and perfection means that it wouldn't mess up...people wouldn't die or have problems or anything
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    If you were trapped on Destiny Islands what would you do?

    I would just chill....I would most likely end up like Riku...cause even my friends don't always get me
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    Something wrong with my game

    yeah you should either get a new game or...unfortunately get a new PS2
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    cant get past lv99

    in COM I don't think you can pass 99...gameboy games are funny like that ecept for pokemon
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    Hi I am CJA I just need some mroe contacts on my list..PM me please
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    What keyblade combo would you chose

    Lionheart and Oblivion...and I would kill anyone in my way
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    Gummi ships

    Re: gummi ships truth be told I don't even cutomize the gummi ship...I think it is a waste of time...precious time that could be spent training or finding items to make better weapons or to locate dalmations or something...
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    hardest kh1 boss

    clock tower phantom and kurt zisa
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    I actually like the sleight system..even thoug I don't use it often...also I think that the sleight you get in th 20's is completely useless
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    Favorite Organization Member

    Mickey....I used to call him de da when I was a baby....no but seriously...Mickey Mouse..is by far the best...I mean if it weren't for him...more then half of KH wouldn't even be in existence