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    Did Sora already give Kairi a papou fruit (minor spoilers regarding ending)

    uhhh k. yeah just the shape reminds me of a paopu fruit. in kh1 not kh2 sora engrave himself giving kairi a paopu fruit, but thats not giving a paopu fruit though it only that he wants to and since now hes back with riku on destiny islands, he can now share a paopu fruit with her.
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    Xehanort and his mysteries

    not GOOD HEART,just leave it as the strongest heart that the keyblade goes to and one legend says its weilder/keyblade(basically both the weilder and keyblade) saved the world, while another says that he wrought chaos and ruin upon it,it didn't say the keyblade/or weilder brought peace and chaos...
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    Roxas... Or Sora? Your decision

    roxas is good but i still pick sora over him.
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    kh2 got boring yet?

    nope i don't get bored of it never....well its kinda rare for me to get bored of something...but no i don't bored of kh2 i still have alot of things to do like maxed out all the characters get the best items and a lot more...
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    Organization is all powerfull!

    well the organization is a higher rank group of nobodies over all the others so u don't have to say org.13 are very strong cause they control the lesser rank nobodies that makes them strong enough the heartless, its just because they are stronger with the darkness. i'm just trying to help so...
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    xehanort's nobody

    u know nobodies don't have hearts, so theres no way they can lose a heart if they don't have a heart,nobodies fade to darkness. why did u say uh are you sayin xehanort lost his heart twice? wat was the point of that? ppl who already beaten the game should know xemnas is xehanort's nobody and...
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    Who Might Be That Armored Knight?

    well but we can say they those knights are keyblade masters right?
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    Who Might Be That Armored Knight?

    k......there is a thread about tha letter but they arent guessing (well probably some of them) and i think nomura said that secret was in the past but he didn't say anything about the next being in the past or future. all i think of those knights is that they may be part of the keyblade war,but...
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    Who Might Be That Armored Knight?

    those armor knights are new characters we don't know who.
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    Knight Theory

    uhhh i guess that would be kinda kool to play them.......but sora should be in it.
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    Valor:ultima and oathkeeper. valor pwns all!
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    Not Spoilers In Title

    Re: Not Kairi's Keyblade how can ppl get confused? sora and mickey have the same looking keyblade and keychains except colors are in different places on the other keyblade.
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    Secret ending keyblades?

    keychains are just upgrades. you know that those three keyblades are mickey's and sora's kingdom keys and riku's road to the dawn. i'm just guessing that those keyblades without keychains eventually turns into keychains themselves. if you watch it again you'll see fenrir in there.
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    I know what the crown stands for!!!!!

    so how is that telling thats tha symbol of kh?
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    Just out of Curiosity

    nomura said he didn't want ppl to see zexion weapon. zexion wasn't destroyed he was absorb by the riku replica in COM. if he was alive then he be in kh2 trying to get revenge on axel. nomura didn't say much bout zexion just his weapon.
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    I know what the crown stands for!!!!!

    uh why are you even thinking that the crown prophized that battle? that doesn't make sense at all. just wait till nomura says somethin about or just ask him yourself.
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    The "Chaser" symbol revealed! (possibly...)

    people chill out. nobody knows what chasers are ok. roxas drew a freakin crown alright. does it really matter if its a bit curved geez.
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    Roxas the duel wielder

    i kinda thought those keyblades were real cause they didn't appear digitally like when roxas lost his memories.
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    Just out of Curiosity

    well just hope nomura finishes his earlier projects soon so he can make it. but there is no f n way zexion is alive. all i know is that nomura will show zexion's weapon one day.
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    Which is your Favorite fight from KH2?

    eh i like fighting strong enemies,not weak ones. the battle with stormrider was awesome.