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    Org. XIII- final forms (funny idea)

    ummm No, Marluxias final form is the one where he is riding the robot thing that has feathers on its head along with a grim reaper female looking figure on top of it which looks like a combination of a tree stem and angel of death....This is in the PS2 chain of memories.
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    358/2 Days

    Re: Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Discussion These are there powers... 1.Xemnas- Nothingess 2.Xigbar- Space 3.Xaldin- winds 4.Vexen- Ice 5.Lexeaus- Earth 6.Zexion- Illusion 7.Saix- Moon 8.Axel- Flame 9.Demyx- water 10.Luxord- Time 11.Marluxia- Flowers(nature/plant) 12.Larxene- Thunder 13.Roxas-...
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    Some fun with photoshop

    WTF is Nigra??? Besides, who the hell still uses that word anymore??? What century are you living in..You had better be black or latino using a spanish word, or something...Cause that sounds offensive to some people. I would like to see you call black people nigras in public....since you think...
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    New info bout DS version

    I agree with the others. ..what is the point of reporting the games if they are just going to get a some important things wrong out of it. Such as calling Terra zack, calling roxas a heartless, and so on. It is there fault..well at least we know what they were refering to.
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    HELP!! What is the point of PREMIUM Cards??

    Ive been playing re chain of memories but every once in a while im given the option to make prium cards...so far i have premium cards for 3 cures,and 3 attack cards..But WHAT ARE THEY USED FOR?? I hate adding stuff that i dont even know the meaning of..how do they help me? what is the effect...
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    HELP MEEE ..Please!!!!

    Hi guys, i just received my swap magic 3.6 along with the slie card..But ive followed the instructions and when i have to use the stupid slide card to pull out the disc tray it never pulls it out!!! Ive tried doing it over and over, but i never works!!! And i have the older fat version ps2! Is...
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    Organization 13 Extra Boss battles

    Hey guys, after seeing the new scans ive come up with some possible ideas on how some of the optional org boss battles could go like. Xemnas- He should be much more harder and he should perform his skills that he did in the first final mix Xigbar- During part of the battle , he could change...
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    NEW SCAN of Axel and Roxas!!!

    This was posted by my friend Tomo from kh-2.net http://www.kh-2.net/
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    The "I'm getting/got KH2FM+ in March!!" Thread

    yea..I WILL DEFINITELY get my kh2 final mix in march. I have already preordered it..lol.Its my first game to be imported in Japanese, so i hope the japanese parts will not be too hard for me to figure out when playing. Ive decided to just import the game since i will NOT want to wait for the us...
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    Thoughts into the little parts of kh2....

    actually, according to the kh2 novel that ive read....Saix chases after Axel and namine and then smacks AXEL away with a huge shockwave using his weapon. Axel helps namine escape. Meanwhile, as Axel isknocked out, he believes to be fading into a Dusk nobody and SAIX leaves him alone since he...
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    Organization 13 ranks in Power!!!

    What do you guys think about how they rank, from Strongest to weakest? It should not be judged by gameplay alone, but by storyline and information from the novel.. 1. Xemnas( he has to be the most powerful since he is the superior and controls Nothingness/twilight) 2. Saix-was given position...