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    Valor and Wisdom Form Pictures from Halloween town and Space Parnoid

    Oooo......they're sooooooooooooo cool
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    Kingdom Hearts II Ending + Credits Now with SOUND

    That's Awesome. Thnx
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    New info!!!

    LOL......it'll be cool to see them in KH form......
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    WOOT ?!?!?!!? SE did go too far.
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    KHII's end revealed

    I hope they kiss or at least a happy ending with those two together.
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    KH2 ESRB Rating

    This one seems more like a Teen to me :D but as long as it's not M and my parents is fine, I'm fine with it.
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    What world u wanna live in

    I say Twilight town b/c it's sooooooooo pretty there :D
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    Is Bhks Hair Even Blonde

    wow his hair is not blond.....
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    Which KH Theme Song you like better?

    obvisouly Hikari.....the lyrcis in simple and clean doesn't make much sense to me and it sounds weird.
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    FF dimension Venice Report of Advent Children

    They finally finished their report on the premier adn yes they have a DETAILED part of the movie..... TONS OF SPOILERS THERE !!! If you don't want to read it then DO NOT CLICK ON THE LINK !!!! DISCRETION IS ADVISED !!! WARNING !!!!!!!!!!!! SPOILERS AHEAD ...
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    Oathkeeper or Oblivion?

    I have to say oblivion
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    Kh2 sales?

    I hope it does better than the first one....
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    somthing funny about kh2

    LOL....this is funny...I did'nt really noticed this .
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    Oringinal Worlds Back?

    I hope they're coming back...that would be fantasic :D
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    OPM Scans

    Ooo.....I like these scans....were these from the 96 edition OPM ??? b/c that one ain't out yet.
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    New characters confirmed

    ooo...thnx for teh new anyways :D
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    Square-Enix party Set-up!

    YAY one more day...one more day.... :D
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    translation's for the new scan's here

    finally some1 translated it...I've been wanting to know what they mean... thnx
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    english demo coming soon!?

    Ooo....an english demo sounds good :D I hope there's one.
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    New or Old

    errrrr...........................this is kinda old.