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  1. Z

    Small but noticeable glitch in KH2

    ^^I like glitches they are fun to find.
  2. Z


    Its... 1. 2.Xigbar 3.Xaldin 4.Vexen 5.Lexaeus 6.Zexion 7.Saix 8.Axel 9.Demnyx 10.Luxord 11.Marluxia 12.Larxene 13.
  3. Z

    HAHA This is Funny...

    It happend to me. I did see it on youtube before I beat it but not on TV.
  4. Z

    Maxium Drive Gauge lvls?

    ^^^No its not I have seven drive gauges and I have not beaten sephy. There are 7 lvs for forms and 9 gauges you can get.
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    3rd Symbol Artwork (Unnoficial)

    Yea thats what I mean.
  6. Z

    3rd Symbol Artwork (Unnoficial)

    I think I found sumthin http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E52J7HPa4K4&search=Kingdom%20Hearts%202%20english%20videos Watch the whole video if you want but after he beats him look at what sora is standing on. It looks like the symbol only a bigger tip.
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    Gamepro KH2 Article

    Nice dewd its new to me 2.
  8. Z

    Kh2 Voices

    I not sure if this is a spoiler but if it is plz move it!!Anyway I found what Sora will sound like in kh2 http://www.mtv.com/games/video_games/peep_show/index.jhtml?target=kingdom_hearts_2 there is also alot more interviews A MUST WATCH!!!
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    Yea just like that DIZneyfan.:D :D
  10. Z


    I pronounce it Nah-ma-nE.
  11. Z

    Song Request!!

    Does anyone know where I can get the deep dive song not another side/another story DEEP DIVE!!!!Help plz:D :D
  12. Z

    Deep Dive song

    does anyone know where to get the deep dive song???
  13. Z

    More Downloadable Songs

    Does any one know which is the deep dive song?I am guessing it is waltz of the dammed.
  14. Z

    More Downloadable Songs

    How good is the quality I want to know before i download????
  15. Z

    New Cutscenes (Spoilers)

    Did anyone else notice that seph did not have the heartless symbol on his chest like in kh1!!The reason soras eyes where wierd was the camera(and the camera man)sux the camera screwd it up!