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    I think that in the secret movie for FM+ they are on the darkness side of the worlds and the Kingdom Hearts that OEM summons is not in fact The actual Kingdom Hearts but the darkness realm side of it which is linked to the light realm Kingdom Hearts which is how ******SPOILER****** Sora and King...
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    friend codes

    can someone give me there wii friend code i need friends on my wii
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    I made sea salt ice-cream =D

    Re: Sea salt ice cream cool....... heres the pics: TinyPic - Share The Experience!™ TinyPic - Share The Experience!™ TinyPic - Share The Experience!™ they were delcious!
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    A couple of possably fake monsters (FF7)

    The Final Fantasy VII Citadel: Monster Rumors most of these are crazy but i think that the one about the guy rune is real cause i think my brother faced him once. the Test O thing is cool thought and the vincent ghost thing sounds ok too
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    I made sea salt ice-cream =D

    Sea salt ice cream cool....... i did not yet make the sea salt ice cream but im going to sell it at my school for one of my classes. so my question is the people that made the sea salt ice cream how did it go? (also i will post my pics fo the ice cream when i make it)
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    The New Orginzation XIII Meeting Place (Dont Spam PLZ)

    Hello Everyone from the new ORG XII or new members this is a open thread to anyone IN the group so talk about new ideas or new recruits!
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    when you think about it the keyblades with are only true keyblades all the others are just swords so this is my point: sora- the keyblade of the light realm mickey-keyblade of the dark realm riku-keyblade to dawn ????(im guessing roxas but im not sure) -keyblade to twilight old man in...
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    Name hints

    here are some translations of kh charicters names: riku:land, shore, agony of separation sora:sky kairi:estrangement, separation, dissociation, nautical mile, beaver can someone tell me the full names of the new charicters/
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    Theory on Names.

    aqua is the female and ven is the roxas-looking one
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    Mushroom Kingdom Hearts?

    O.K. for all you who are like What??? mkh is fake! in the article it says that there is 41 nintendo charicters in it heres a hint: 41=4/1 and its the april issue! and all of us kh fans would know about it already because we are super anal retentive so there i solved it!:cursing: Thank you for...
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    what is the rpg section of this fourm? i try to check it but everytime i do it says its out of order? P.S. i posted it here because there is no tchnical questions fourm
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    ES's KEYBLADE and Keychain

    scratch that last post...
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    ES's KEYBLADE and Keychain

    you can give other people reps? (only a noob to these fourms)
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    dark copy

    You know the dark copy of the old man? well when E.S. gets hit of the clif by the dark figure its helmet is different the silver on the side goes back farther. so right before when E.S. gets hit of the clif pause it and look at the dark figure. Kay?
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    Fair Square

    You know how square loves to be fair with KH well what about RE:COM that only came out in japan so why dont they be fair to us and give us RE:COM?
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    you can see fenrir in these pictures: