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    New Unbirth theory

    yeah, cuz the emblem does look like a frikkin "MX", just stylized a bit. its not too hard to find when you look at it.
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    New Unbirth theory

    i can see something like this being true. since heartless are hearts in darkness, and nobodies are the body and soul w/o the heart, pure darkness by itself should be able to take some kind of form all itself. manufacturing though...that would have to be along the lines of the "synthetic"...
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    Who thinks BBS will get online play or at least co-op

    which is pretty much what i said. just thinking about what "could be."
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    Who thinks BBS will get online play or at least co-op

    then should they have just the characters from bbs, or should they add sora in for kicks? and i'm guessing you mean a list of keyblades that each character would already have...............? idk ^^;
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    Who thinks BBS will get online play or at least co-op

    co-op for a game where there are three scenarios that are supposed to come together just seems unlikely. and i think square is going to leave multiplayer to the game that has enough characters to do that AKA Days.
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    Dream a little Dream - Unbirth theory

    very nice. i enjoyed reading, and with the title, i can see why this could be true. if the dreamer of the unbirths in still asleep, does anyone think that it could be possible for the unbirth to find its dreamer and maybe take them out? if, and only if, they're powerful to exist on their own...
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    Partially Completed Birth By Sleep website

    ...nothing we haven't already heard.
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    Partially Completed Birth By Sleep website

    that would be '09. to show whats coming.
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    Partially Completed Birth By Sleep website

    ^slowly but surely, we most certainly are...
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    ds low quality

    its a ds. you can't expect the graphics to be on the same level as the psp. it just can't achieve that feet yet. but still, you have to admit that for the ds, it is still a nice picture to look at. and yes, those shots were blown up to show more detail, so of course everything is going to...
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    Square the new Triangle? (BBS)

    i would imagine that for the reactions commands, they kept it the same for japan and overseas. if it does become like god of war, that would provide some variety to just having to constantly press triangle if you're in some kind of relay of commands, like when you fight cerberus... instead of...
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    Aqua's Outfit

    ^by overdo, do you mean its about time we actually saw it? cuz if so, then, yeah. makes me kinda wonder why they would wanna keep so under wraps.
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    Aqua's Outfit

    you mean weak and useless. with what we saw from the extended secret ending, i don't think she will be. HA! so my thinking was right. the shadow be is aqua.
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    Everything We Know About Unbirths So Far

    you keep gushing these out as if they were nothin. very imressive. and thanks a bunch. y ou acually reminded me of some stuff that i forgot.
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    My idea of the Unbirths and the true meaning of "Birth by Sleep"

    i like how this goes along with the fact that ven isn't as strong as the other two. and it kinda makes me think of how the heartless are after the hearts of others (especially sora's) and the lesser nobodies come after roxas to bring him back. its like the unbirths desire his power since they...
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    keyholes in bbs

    i think not. the only way i can see the characters traveling from world to world is through portals, like light or darkness or something. heartless aren't there to want to eat the hearts of the worlds, so they're out. thenew enemy that we've seen would be my only guess as why the keyholes...
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    Dragon Malificent and other boss battles in BBS???

    if we do fight her as a boss, i doubt she'll go dragon. but i wouldn't be surprised if square decides to tip their hat to a hint of it.
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    Terra's Power

    well not all of them, just VAT. and if not aqua, then just terra and ven.
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    Pete in BBS

    or at least employer and employee.
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    Pete in BBS

    yeah, i wouldn't count him as even a little smart if by the way he phrased it, he was going to "have her help me take over," in reference to him helping maleficent.