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    Secret Bosses?

    most likely there will be secret bosses and i think vincent would be a better "sidekick" than a boss
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    KH2 vs Zelda

    most likely zelda will take the lead in sales. i did hear that this new zelda has been in production since 2001(rumor) and that it has more that 100 hours of gameplay. you can expect that from a rpg but a zelda game thats straight up amazing. kh2 will do extremely well and with those two...
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    Does anyone have a screenshots of Riku in KH2? I havent seen any and if you can you send me some links?
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    Anyone else excited that Sephiroth will have 1 if not more video scenes in KH2?

    New2Ya needs to learn that the best final fantasy character is Cloud and that Sephiroth is the baddest ass enemy ever. You cant get enough of cloud and ffVII since they might be remaking it for the PS3.
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    so how is the game than by ranking (1-10)

    The way it looks, it should get a 9.75 to a 10 out of 10
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    Another form?

    I found another form besides the 3 fusions we all know. Go to http://www.square-enix.co.jp/kingdom2/, click the second to last button type thing below the KH2 sign, click the crown, and you will see some arrows, the fifth one shows sora in a silver suit and it some of the cutscenes he is...
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    One more new Disney world??

    They said that KH2 will be twice as long, as the first one, so maybe thier is more than 6 new worlds to match with the 11 old worlds.
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    That would suck if there was a KH3...

    Kingdom Hearts will be a trilogy, so most likely there will be a Kingdom Heats 3.
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    Nintendo and SquareSoft

    It would be pretty sick if you could have a mario world there along with a hyrule world. I mean who wouldnt want Link as a teammate? But it should stay on the PS2/PS3. I just think it would be sick to fight bowser along side mario and luigi and fight Ganon along side Link.
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    Pride Rock would be sick. Just imagine having Simba and Timon/Pumbaa as teamates instead of Donald and Goofy. I heard that KH2 will most likely have the Lion King in the game.
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    Starting World?

    I heard a rumor a while back that Destiny Islands will be the base of Sora's adventure, but it just a rumor. I think it will be again as a dream of sora for the player to get down the controls like in the first game.
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    Possable world for KH2

    Even though it's not Disney, i think it would cool to have a Shrek world.
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    End of KH2

    I think at the end of the game there will be another secret ending. Im hoping its gonna be something like in the original KH, like a sneak preview to a third title. I really think there will be a third since there is no game that has only two games in a series, there is always 3 or more or...
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    A Limited Edtion Kingdom Hearts 2 Stragy Guide

    I heard of it but i think there is something else to it, that has not yet been revealed. There is still plenty of time. I hope the game comes with a English version of final mix, that would be sick.
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    how many worlds?

    Since there are 12 in the original and the game is going to be twice the size of that there would be around 24 worlds.
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    a final fantasy world

    It wouldnt be the best idea to put a FF world in there, but i think it would be crazy if you could race Chocobos like in Final Fantasy VII.
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    New Disney Worlds?

    I think they will be able to put Disney/Pixar movies into the game since they have already been made. Like Toy Story, Incredibles, Bugs Life, etc. But I have a friend who had a stupid idea saying Nintendo should put in a Super Mario Word, and a Hyrule world. He also said that Princess Peach...
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    Why is KH2...

    All sequals are harder than the previous games. Look at Jak and Daxter, the first one was really easy. Then the sequal Jak II made to the top ten hardest PS2 games.
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    KH2 GIF's (animated thingies)

    Where do you get some of those GIF's? I know where to get them for Dragon Ball Z, but does anyone know where to get the KH2 ones?
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    Kingdom Heats 2 Special Edition

    I put Kingdom Heats 2 on hold at Gamestop, but i put the special edition on hold. Does anyone know what the special edition has?