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    New Days Screenshots

    You sure? I saw a gameplay video of Marluxia, and he never had his scythe float independently. Maybe it was just taken at a bad time. Though I can't wait for this to come to the US! :D I also can't wait for that new feature that let's you attack your own party members! When I saw that picture...
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    New Days Screenshots

    Is it me, or are Saix and Marluxia's weapons totally out of place in that first picture? Seriously, Marluxia's scythe is like, way off to the side. His hand's not even on it. Then Saix's claymore is so far up in his armpit. lol But awesome find! I haven't seen these before.
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    Vexen, Zexion, and Marluxia revealed!

    I think Zexions attacks are pretty funny. *Shadow appears* Zexion: I BASH YOU WITH MAH BOOK! I thought Vexen's shield would be larger, truthfully. And Marluxia would be just a bit slower than I thought, but his combos kick ass. :D
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    Ooh! Ooh! Question! That scythe that Marluxia has. It looks like Saix's Claymore. Is it safe to assume that all members are able to possess the gears that Roxas gets? (The ones that allow the keyblade to take on the form of the other members weapons) Because if that's the case, that is uber...
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    Question about multiplayer

    Yep, you can. Thank God too, since no one really plays KH around here. Ther emay be one friend, but still, I'm glad for this feature. :D
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    Who are you going to play in 358/2 Days

    Ooh!! Marluxia! <3 I would love to play as him! Then probably Roxas, Demyx, and Axel. Zexion sounds interesting to use though. ^^ I think I might import it just to play as them. xD
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    Marluxia is actually the one who got me into my love of scythes and nature (mainly flowers). He's so awesome. So deceptive, so cunning, so ambitious, but yet so vain. Ah, well. He really is powerful, and he was so hard to beat the first time I faced him. (The first of the two battles). I lost...
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    Oh well. We each have our own way to do it. Besides, for some reason I don't get good cards sometimes. I've been trying to work on an Oblivion deck, but it's not going too well. >.<;;
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    Really? Just buy it? After I beat Reverse/ Rebirth, I just used Calm bounty cards in Castle Oblivion to find it, along with certain enemy cards.
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    Riku boss help... -,- :P

    He wasn't even that hard. I don't he should be that hard. I actually used only all magic cards (with obviously one attack card) to take him down. Long fight, but with certain magic, item, and enemy cards, he was really quite easy for me.
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    hardest boss

    Hmmm.... Well, the hardest bosses for me would probably be: Sephiroth and the other "Optional Bosses" (Ice Titan, Kurt Zisa, Phantom) for KH1 Marluxia (1st battle) and Larxene (2nd battle) for CoM Sephiroth and Xaldin for KH2
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    Xaldin Question?

    I was on Easy, he killed me. Twice. 8/10 Then I moved on to Standard. Can't recall if I died, but he was still incredibly hard. 9/10 I have yet to rate him on Proud. He's very lethal and quite deadly. I never really used Reflect or magical attacks on him, just Drive forms, Limits, and reaction...
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    Opinion on Demyx

    Demyx was quite the character, the exact opposite of what a Nobody should be. I like that. He is also able to weild a sitar, of all things to use as a weapon, and that is very unique. His strength is average; he can be a pain, or wimpy in battle. If he's a pain... well if you were him, then...
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    Whack-A-Noob!! I'm new!

    Hello, there all you bright looking people!!! My name is CelestialQueer, or CQ for short. ..... I'm never good at these introductions. *bows head* Whack me good if you find me displeasing. >.<;;