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    Rikus new look

    He grew the same way sora did,time...being in darkness for a year wouldnt hinder your growth process.And,some people groe faster than others
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    Lost in Time...Another Theory

    Now i'm not sure if this has already been discussed in another Theory thread(didnt bother to read them) so if im late,please dont flame ,( just beat the game today,lol)and just tell me that i am...... So ive been wondering,when exactly does the secret ending take place???Does it take place in...
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    Favorite Reaction Commands

    against bosses-xemnas,twilight thorn against heartless-sparkle ray(surveillance).....bump combo(mornin star) against nobodies-duel stance(swordsman) warp snipe(snipers)
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    Riku Substitute(possible,very minor spoilers)

    Has anyone noticed that while .......
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    Nobody Weapons

    im mad i cant get one for some reason,Ive killed more than 100 dragons and i have 7 lucky lucky abilties equipped(eceryone has a weapon with it,an abilty,and sora has a luck ring)and i STILL cant get it!!!! I honestly only want it ti see what it looks like.as for the heartless weapons,ive got...
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    king triton...

    i doubt it,but he IS a king so maybe he keeps in touch with the outer world,and he is also really old....neva know
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    help switching out keyblades

    u have to have at least 3 keyblades to be able to switch them out
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    I NeD HeLp

    you get it after beating the groundshaker boss in the pridelands 2nd visit.hoe that helps
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    Assasain Nobody....

    sure does,thanx everyone
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    twilight Town Chars And More

    To level summons,all u have to do is use them,once they have been summoned,they gain 1 experience point for every drive guage/bar they waste All my summons are at max.....
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    Assasain Nobody....

    Where exactly are the assassain nobodys??? i know they're in the world that never was but in what part?(ex.nobodys call,elevator,etc.) I just need the twilight gem and i can make my ultima weapon,but i just cant find those nobodies anywhere......
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    About Setzer

    the ring thing gives you +1 strength,and no i didnt lose to him on purpose,just looked at my guide...
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    99: The Magical Number

    actually,its a half eaten sea-salt ice cream,just turned on my ps2......
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    Shadow ate Sora's head......

    Has anyone noticed that while in halloween town,if you go anti-form that the pumpkin hat thing on your head turns into what looks like a shadow heartless trying to eat soras head.....looks funny,i would post a pic but i dont have a digital camera right now....anyone else see that happen???
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    Bulky Vendor

    They can drop this stuff..... Bright Shard Bright stone Bright gem Bright Crystal Orichalum and munny....
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    Two Keyblades?

    I think Iner demon means that there are only four currently being weilded.
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    they're right,the only way to get stronger spells is if you beat certain enemies,doesnt matter how high ur level is.
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    The Pridelands

    No,u dont have to beat jafar the first time in agrabah....just the fire and ice lords.beat one of the two levels and itll open.
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    Port Royal! HELP!

    All you have to do is just fight like you normally would and whenever a screen pops up sayin its been stolen,look for the pirate wih a coin on its head ,defeat it,he drops it,u pick it up ,and repeat until all enemeis are dead.
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    Something funny that I found

    really funny! also,the site has sime cool stuff on it....