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  1. ryokaimus

    is poetry real?

    i've been reading a lot of walt whitman and... a little bit of other poets. and honestly, it just doesnt really flow. i cant think of a real world where poetry would even be useful. do you guys like poetry, because to me, it's just useless, mindless, and i would rather read real books, like, um...
  2. ryokaimus

    roar, zabimaru!

    s4EEFzglXIo ahaha this vid has never not made me smile, it reminds of the good old days when i would stay up late with my girl, kissin' and watching bleach.
  3. ryokaimus

    It really pisses me off when

    things don't go my way. (ps whats you're favorite chapter in "Freak the Mighty") mine's the one where you meet his dad or the where he tricks the guy with the soap hhahaha I was trying to get a scholarship to University of Southern CALI, and they totally offered me less than I expected and...
  4. ryokaimus

    ive been playing syphon filter, not even stuck yet

    and it's fun. i'm not even stuck yet. have you ever been stuck in a game?
  5. ryokaimus

    modernnn familyyyyy lol

    this has gotta be my favorite show it's so refreshing to see this show on wednesday's like hohnestly i'm in love with it so far and cam/mitch are the best gay couple on television hands down what are your thoughts my new buddies thanks - ryokaimus
  6. ryokaimus

    what do you do when you've got writer's block

    i get writer's block kind of a lot, because lately i've been worknig on a novel that is guaranteed to get published in 2012 because my dad owns a portion of publishCorps, a pristine publishing company. anyway, lately i've been blanking on some ideas, because my comp crashed so i lost my outline...
  7. ryokaimus

    i'm honestly liking the new office episodes with will Ferrel tbh

    Its a breath of fresh air. Steve Carell hasnt evne been funny since season 3. he's gotten kind of annoying, and if it hasnt been for dwight and stanley's antics, the show would have died honestly. i honestly am looking forward to what the world has in store for dunder mifflin, oh and by the...
  8. ryokaimus

    whats the hardest crap ever you've had to take

    really though guys, i'm talking about whats the hardest decision you've ever made. the other day my friends were buying some gamecube controllers because we all play RE4 a lot and i was really wanting to get one, but my other friend who was with me couldn't get a controller and i knew that he...