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    Help/Support ► KH Corruption

    Yep puberty, this happens to me sometimes also :glare:
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    Help/Support ► Moved

    yeah sure, if anything ask me for some more help il help you out = )
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    Help/Support ► Moved

    Aright this is what you gotta do bro, try to make some freinds that live in your neighborhood, maybe call your freinds and ask if you cacn come over their houses or if they can come over yours. Maybe go to the parkand just play some sports or you can go to the beach. If you really miss your old...
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    what was your first car, or first car you wanna get

    For my first car i really badly wanna get a nissan 350z. What about you guys?
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    anyway to get photoshop CS2??

    I need some help on getting photoshop CS2 for free, any ideas how? I really really wanna get it, plz help.
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    The Theif

    This is really one of the greatest and most interesting books i have read so far in my 13 year old life, lol. So if anyone else read it, lets discuss it.
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    Funniest thing ive seen today

    This has to be the funniest shit ive seen in a long time, lmao. YouTube - Yelling At Cats Enjoy!!
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    45-50, about somewere there
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    Are Sora and Kairi offically a couple?

    if that would happen, the whole game would be fd up. I mean through out all that hard work, in KH and KH2 and soon KH3 that Sora has been through it would be definetly retarded. I mean i would be pretty pissed if i would practically waste 2-3 years trying to save this one girl and after all that...
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    Help/Support ► i might get killed

    i will tell, but i don't want people to be like "omg u wimp u actually told your parents" but w/e better be safe then sorry.....
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    Help/Support ► i might get killed

    you know what i have thought about it and i might actually tell my parents, i mean whats the worse that can happen......
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    Help/Support ► i might get killed

    ok u know what hows about this. Everybody who wants to say something negative about this get the f*ck off the thread, ok? Oh and do i have to repeat myself i don't my mom to panick she is not alright right now.
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    Help/Support ► i might get killed

    none i just thought my parents would freak and all that and my mom isn't realy feeling that well right now....
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    Help/Support ► i might get killed

    i did tell my real good freind, he told me to tell my parents, and i was about to, but i got second thoughts.
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    Help/Support ► where do i go from here?

    look dude,this happens to alot of people and i realy do think you should move on, she probably used that mature statement as an excuse, so move on and in the future remember this situation as help. This is hwta i would do, but your different so its your choice.
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    Help/Support ► i might get killed

    actually i know him well and all my classmates.
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    Help/Support ► i might get killed

    i have a way to resolve it,i would fight em and **** em up, but i can't do it in school and he lives far far far away from me........oh and i thought of tellin my parents but then they would go down to the schhool start some $h!t and then everybody would go like "0o0o0o you called ur parents to...
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    Help/Support ► i might get killed

    no i didn't tell my parents, but he is not in the bloods or crips or latin kings or anything, he just sais he has "connections" to them.....
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    Help/Support ► i might get killed

    ok now i realy need some advise on tuesday i think im gonna have to deal with this and try to end it once and for all,but i wanna do it before, I don't know what to do,and for some reason im unbeleivably nervous, help some help!!!!!!!!
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    Help/Support ► i might get killed

    huh? what the hell are you talking about?