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  1. saucegay

    Help/Support ► Unrequited love..

    "Basic," as in, bootcamp?! :O there's actually a lot if distractions there to keep that wench off your mind (or so I've been told). Plus, military girls are hottt <3
  2. saucegay

    Help/Support ► Looking for a good camera under $400

    Photography purposes, huh. I know of a few: Samsung TL320 $299 (good in low light situations) Fujifilm Finepix F200EXR $399 (automatically process your images to reduce noise or increase dynamic range at the expense of image resolution) Panasonic Lumix LX3 $499 (they have a sale at amazon for...
  3. saucegay

    Help/Support ► Fatherhood

    Well considering the fact that your ex-wifey's got a questionable sexual history, I'd hope so too. Good luck on the paternity test though! How do you pronounce that? Jo-sye-ah? Jo-see-ah?
  4. saucegay

    Help/Support ► Money, Money, Money.....

    EXACTLY. I wish he could specify how much his friend actually makes in a month. :\ It just sounds too shady. A 16 year old working in Burger King full-time can afford it, why can't this guy? I mean, think about it, $100 for rent is IDEAL in most states! You can only find that kind of monthly...
  5. saucegay

    Help/Support ► Money, Money, Money.....

    $100 a month is like $3+ a day. A FedEx job way less than under-the-table minimum wage (which is like $8.50 depending on state regulations) that sounds like he working at some 3rd world country company? Sounds too many shady to me. Why help the guy if he can't help himself? :\ if worse comes to...
  6. saucegay

    the awesomesauce-age noober goober.

    ... had to find another way to state a thread title instead of the usual "SAWP I'M A NOOB" outburst greeting. [; i joined this place yesterday, but was too lazy to post at that moment. D: so without further ado, i present me: the saucegay. & i like pie. :D (oh, and kingdom hearts too, of...