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  1. RueLi

    So...why does Roxas/Ven look like Sora. I might be missing something.

    I haven't played through all of BBS, so bear with me. Roxas looks like Sora Ven looks like Sora Vanitas looks like Sora --BUT!!-- Ven first "connected" with infant Sora after his heart was shattered by Xehanort ...I'm a bit confused. I was under the assumption that Roxas/Ven have a likeness...
  2. RueLi

    The World Ends with You

    Just finished the game, Reports and all. Such a unique game with an awesome battle system, that I couldn't put it down. I'll be lucky if I could ever come up with game mechanics just as well thought out as this in the future. PS Does ANYONE know where I can get a Neku Static Arts? (They're out...
  3. RueLi

    Using Dreamweaver: I need an Image viewer

    I'm no web designer, but I do make my own websites. I've been writing html in DreamWeaver, and I'm almost done. But, my web page has a gallery in it, and I'd rather have an image viewer than have every image link to a new window (or frame). Can anyone help me integrate an image viewer within...
  4. RueLi

    Help/Support ► Help for an April Fool's joke on a friend's b-day

    Alright, thanks guys. It's safe to close this thread now. </thread>
  5. RueLi

    Help/Support ► Help for an April Fool's joke on a friend's b-day

    So my friend's birthday lands on April fools, and over the past years, I've fooled her with various presents. (I do give her a real present afterwards). But now, I'm stumped. I have no idea what I can trick her with. Anyone have any good April Fools jokes that I can give to her in the form of a...
  6. RueLi

    Are prosthetics an advantage to athletes?

    The Disadvantage Advantage: Is being "disadvantaged" now better for you as an athlete? People are now arguing that using high-tec prosthetics gives athletes an advantage over able-bodied athletes. I remember something similar to this when Tiger Woods had his LASIK surgery. People claimed that...
  7. RueLi

    358/2 days... meaning?

    Um...I did explain myself. I'll even quote it again, and add numbers to this post. I implied this as well by adding "minus the days we see him in KH2." I've gone ahead and reiterated the sentence to make better sense.
  8. RueLi

    358/2 days... meaning?

    I'm almost along the same lines... I would assume that "358" is the amount of days Roxas existed before entering TWT. Then, I want to say that the "over 2" is meant to represent that half of Sora (aka Roxas) is living out his life in this game. Well, at least half a life that's being lived out...
  9. RueLi

    Can't anyone write with decent grammar anymore?

    Okay, so I've just finished looking over some 20+ college level reports (from fellow classmates) to correct for grammar. And, OH MY GOD, can't anyone write decently anymore? I don't know how many times I had to correct people on silly little things like: their, there, they're and to, too, two...
  10. RueLi

    Sig length seems to be getting out of hand?

    I'm just throwing this out there. But as I scroll through these forums, I'm beginning to get increasingly annoyed by the sheer length of a lot of the signatures here. It's insane that I have to scroll a ways down a page for single posts that merely consist of about one sentence so that I can...
  11. RueLi

    Utada's English Album "This is the One"

    As most of you already know, Utada is the wonderful voice behind KH's theme songs, Hikari/Simple and Clean & Passion/Sanctuary. Well, she's about to release her new English album, titled "This is the One" on March 24. Her first single from said album, "Come Back to Me," will be released...
  12. RueLi

    Pre-Order Your copy of 358/2

    Re: Pre-Order Your copy of 358/2 at Gamestop Don't put down those 5 bucks just yet, guys. When I tried pre-ordering KH2 at GameStop before they had an official release date, my money disappeared and reappeared back and forth on their system because of the constant release date changes. The...
  13. RueLi

    The difference between keyblades with/without chains

    Previously, when we've seen keyblades, they've always has some sort of chain on it. And now with the new releases, there seem to be keyblades that don't have any chains on them at all. (Such as the ones Terra, Ven, and Aqua use) Do the keychains (or lack thereof) have any significance to...
  14. RueLi

    KH2 Game Disc

    Disc repairs are a big no-no, even the game stores that sell them don't recommend it. just buy a new copy, life will be easier. /thread
  15. RueLi

    Is there a way to orangize post from old to new?

    Let me rephrase the question: Is there a way for me to organize a thread in which the first post is on the first page? I'd like to click on a thread and be able to read the first post right away, that way I know what the subject it about. It doesn't help that I'm looking at the newest post...
  16. RueLi

    Greatest disappointment in KH2?

    The button-mashing in general. That triangle Reaction Command, while making everything look cooler, only made the battles much too easy for my liking. Lack of needing to use magic. I didn't need to use magic unless I wanted to. [that being said, I'd only used Cure throughout the game] In KH1...
  17. RueLi

    KH2 manga-Volume 3?

    Has ANYBODY got their hands on it? • Amazon states the date to have been Dec. 30, 2008. And they're currently selling it (without a preview of the cover). [Link to Amazon Product Page] • Tokyopop has yet to acknowledge its existence on their site. • Borders' in-store computers state...
  18. RueLi

    Bolt a future summon?

    I remember awhile back there was a thread playing on the theory that Wall•E could possibly be a future summon. Well, while watching the movie Friday night...i was thinking.......why not Bolt? It makes a bit more sense to me (not that Wall•E should be shot down), because they used Chicken...
  19. RueLi

    which organization fight was the hardest for you to beat

    hehe, that would be smart. I rarely remembered to do any of that for demyx. (I guess the frustration of restarting the battle always made me forget until it was too late)
  20. RueLi

    which organization fight was the hardest for you to beat

    Demyx. Only because I could not, for the life of me, press the reaction command at the right time. I usually end up pressing X by pure instinct, and then kill much needed time trying to press the ^ button. I usually ran out of time by the time I realized i wasn't pressing the right button.