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  1. Bloodblade777-2

    Worth Pre Ordering

    The problem to me is that that will eventually lead to people no longer actually owning their games, just renting them out from big companies. Like its not actually your property anymore you're just paying a company to have the permission to download or even just play their game on their...
  2. Bloodblade777-2

    No one likes Sora

    I don't think Nomura wrote sora badly because he wanted him killed off. Otherwise we wouldn't be trying to save him. I do however think and agree that he had Sora 'fade' because he wanted to focus on someone else. Also I always thought the "Everyone has a keyblade" thing people used as a...
  3. Bloodblade777-2

    No one likes Sora

    I love sora, he's one of my favorite characters. I do think he became a bit more 'shoujou' and a bit less shounen in KH3 compared to the previous KH games. Actually funnily enough that profile picture is an example of what I dislike. In KH1 Sora stops Riku-ansem while he swings at him and Kairi...
  4. Bloodblade777-2

    Potential proof that MoM is NOT Sora

    I have a theory that maybe the Eye of Darkness is actually Young Xehanort's eyes changing when he uses timestop, but Square were a bit lazy and just made all the eye textures of all characters on the stage - Sora and YX - change during the attack because they didn't think anyone would selfie...
  5. Bloodblade777-2

    Potential proof that MoM is NOT Sora

    But even if it is a glitch, it is suspicious. Why is the Eye of Darkness one of Sora's eye textures? That means there is a texture modelled for the eyes of characters in KH3 that looks like the Eye of Darkness... and it only appears on Sora...
  6. Bloodblade777-2

    Versus XIII Leaks could hint to Verum Rex

    Another thing in Versus XIII was that Insomnia, Noctis' city, was supposed to worship grim reapers and Etro the goddess of death. Remember in KH3 how Sora chases a grim reaper looking heartless into the deepest darkest abyss while using the power of waking to try and save his friends from death...
  7. Bloodblade777-2

    News ► Square Enix to hold KH Melody of Memory TGS 2020 Special Show

    Could there be something special about the credits? Nomura said that yoko composed two new songs for MoM, the new Dearly Beloved and the "credits song". But isn't that a bit strange? Usually the credits theme is simple and clean or the games' Utada Hikaru song. Could there be a secret to it?
  8. Bloodblade777-2

    Who is the most evil FF villain ever?

    I would say bahamut from FF15 is the most evil, basically editing all the bad things he did out of history, fating the royal family of lucis over hundreds of generations to destruction and trying to omnicide the planet twice just so he and the other gods wouldnt be infected by the starscourge.
  9. Bloodblade777-2

    Final Fantasy XVI

    It said at the beginning they were looking for "Shiva's dominant", I guess that the people who are possessed by summons/eikons are called Dominants.
  10. Bloodblade777-2

    Final Fantasy XVI

    Looks a little generic, like a 3d RPGmaker game. Ill wait for more news/trailers but this didn't hook me like other FF trailers did.
  11. Bloodblade777-2

    Will the Shibuya/DDD2 game not be on the PS4?

    I don't think its going to be DDD2, I dont think Nomura rolls that way making sequels to the spinoffs I think the next game is going to be on PS5
  12. Bloodblade777-2

    How did you get into Kingdom Hearts?

    Wow i know i shouldn't be but i'm surprised how many people were introduced to the series with ads, I dont think there was ever any advertisements on TV or anywhere for these games where I lived, they just sort of spread through word of mouth
  13. Bloodblade777-2

    Favourite Kingdom Hearts Trio?

    I like all of them
  14. Bloodblade777-2

    How did you get into Kingdom Hearts?

    I got it for a birthday present a good few years after it came out, and my best friend had KH2 and lent me it and we always used to play both, later I got a psp with BBS and crisis core on it back in 2011. I was already a final fantasy fan when I discovered KH, there was this whole period of my...
  15. Bloodblade777-2

    Kingdom Hearts: Verum Rex - Title Screen Concept

    fair enough, i just thought it sounded similar to gunblade and it scans things lol
  16. Bloodblade777-2

    Kingdom Hearts: Verum Rex - Title Screen Concept

    This is really good, I love the cinematic menu! I wonder what Yozora's weapon will be called? If I had to guess, its probably called a Scanblade