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    Heartless Question

    No the fake Heartless have a dif symbol and they are called Unbirths right?i believe this is there symbol
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    the tragic ending...

    What they hell im bored so ima just say what i think i dunno much about ven or aqua or terra but my guess is that Aqua is alive Ven is alive i guess and Terra is alive ima guess dat Ven was the Armor when Xemnes was talking to it because Master Xeaonort and ven are good buddies so ima guess ven...
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    my Xion QUESTION

    Well from the vids ive seen ACTUALLY it appears from what i saw that Xion was made by Namine because she wanted a friend after being alone for so long so she created Xion to be her friend but also to be her spy inside of the Organization either that or the person who made the vid just didn't...
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    Why does roxas appear to fight sora?

    No The Soul Eater isnt a keyblade that weapon was given to Riku by Maleficent and shes a being aof darkness she cant weild a eyblade or give anyone a keyblade Riku was supposed to be the keyblade master but he gave up his heart to darkness so the keyblade chose Sora Riku created his own keyblade...
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    Why does roxas appear to fight sora?

    No No No he thinks he fades Roxas using the last of his power that he could find brings Sora to the wold were they fight (inside Sora's mind) Sora is the only one that knows this happened the nobodies appear to keep Goofy and Donald out Roxas wanted to make sure he was the nobody of a stong person