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    Everytime I hear "Good Life" by Kanye West, I think about KH...

    YouTube - Kanye West ft T-Pain-Good Life I don't know why, anyone wanna guess?
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    Org. XIII's Heartless?

    Seems like a wasted idea, but oh well.
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    Org. XIII's Heartless?

    Normal as in a common Heartless like a Shadow?
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    Org. XIII's Heartless?

    Did they ever mention the Heartless counterparts for Organization XIII? They should have them right? Sounds interesting for a future KH game.
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    Sora's Singing Talent

    FACT: KH3's Atlantica will feature poll-dancing.
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    Hi, I'm new! :D

    Well, I played and beat KH1 and KH2 a while back and didn't even touch them until a couple days ago and now I'm obsessed with it again. I just barely found out about Birth by Sleep, 368/2 Days, and Coded, and now I no longer regret buying a DS! Well, just saying hi for right now.