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    Spoilers ► Regarding Birth By Sleep Volume 2

    It just doesn't make sense that they would put the words "Birth by Sleep V.2" at the end of the BBSFM secret ending and then not follow up and tell the story. Nomura is quoted as saying, "There is a story that exists [for Birth by Sleep V.2]." If he's telling the truth, then it's inevitable that...
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    Ansem's Research Data

    In Blank Points, you all know how Ansem the Wise tells Aqua how he transplanted the results of some kind of research into Sora while he slept in the pod. What do you think this data could be, and could exploring this data possibly go on in 3DS? I think it's possible that while Ansem (DiZ) was...
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    Trinity Report 100%

    Wow that sounds bad, I guess I'll just watch the endings on youtube. Thanks!
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    Trinity Report 100%

    Does anybody know or have a link to a list of things you have to do to complete the trinity report 100%? I'm playing through in Standard Mode, and I was originally planning to just watch the secret movie on youtube but I figured I would at least try to unlock it myself. Much appreciated!
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    Another take on '3D'

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    Wondering How Bad I Spoiled Myself...

    Man, all I've seen is pictures of is and I have no idea the circumstances or anything. I hope that's not alot... I spoiled myself pretty bad for Days....haha I was trying to make myself believe that the was just fanart..... Haha we that spoiled ourselves slightly can just pretend that they...
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    PSP 2000 AV Cable Question

    Just a quick question to anyone who might use an AV cable when playing their PSP 2000 (I just bought a PSP 2000 and an AV cable to project gameplay to TV). Does the TV you plug the cable into is have to be an HDTV or can it be a regular TV? And this may be an even dumber question, but if the...
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    BBS E3 2010 Impressions (Spoiler Free)

    Sounds awesome man! I figured Terra would seem a little muddy. I'm glad to hear that you can still attack apart from the deck commands and stuff, I was afraid it was gonna be like COM in that way. Glad to hear!
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    Sly 4

    Hey guys, if there's any other Sly Cooper fans out there, what do ya'll hope there'll be a 4th one?? And what do you think the plot would be?
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    Gwendoline Yeo as Aqua

    YouTube - Hedy Buress,Tara Strong, and Gwendoline Yeo-YuRiPa interview She sounds pretty good to me!
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    More Vjump Scans

    Thats what came to my mind when I first saw this
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    Master Eraqus (?) and Land of Departure

    He doesn't look a thing like Terra! way to go Square! No recycled character disigns this time!!!
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    Kingdom Hearts II Development Issues

    Probably cuz they were pushed for time :/
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    Kingdom Hearts II Development Issues

    yea sorry thats it!! 25...................
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    Kingdom Hearts II Development Issues

    I remember a while back around probably 2003 or 2004 they had to basically go back and start completely over on the development on KH2, right? I was just wondering what the issues were that caused them to go back and do it over again, if anybody knows...
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    Favourite Bosses On Days

    Ruler of the Sky. Beastly.
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    Normal or Proud mode?

    Thats me..... Haha. I'd hate to have to start all over cuz its too hard
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    BBS Theme Song.

    Maybe an american artist could sing the american version? Haha they should've gotten Jesse McCartney to sing something for Days
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    BBS Theme Song.

    They'll probably get a new artist to write a new one, since Utada Hikaru is most likely parting ways with the series. I hope it's an american artist this time. But no Demi Lovato haha
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    Kingdom Hearts Coded for iPhone in NA?

    I don't believe it. Why in the world would a it be a Japanese announcment anyway? They don't care if NA gets Coded or not