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    Favourite Kingdom Hearts 2 music?

    Roxas Theme
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    Which boss do you think is the most annoying

    Lexaeus until I learned the way to defeat him is to use the duel command.
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    If you can improve KH2 what will you do?

    Make it harder.
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    Kingdom Hearts

    Kingdomhearts is like a blob it can take on any form its feels like.
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    Who did you have the most fun fighting?

    Thats a tough one I would say Axel Roxas fight but that was like only a minute and a half long. I guess I would have to say Action Replay battle with stronger Axel.
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    Why does roxas appear to fight sora?

    Well that’s because Roxas wanted to become the main character so he had to fight sora for the right of main character. But he lost and got a runner-up prize and that’s how Kh 358/2 was born
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    Could Days be "DSi Enchanced"?

    Possibly but I dont see what they can enchance.
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    Knights of the Heart

    World Bio The world of Vestian used to be over run by heartless until one day a keyblade users settled a kingdom in this land. After hundreds of years peace was obtained but the heartless were still around but now keyblade users are vaster then they used to be. Keyblade users are now Knights of...
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    How the hell did Goofy know About Axel? this must be a goof

    Wow I don't remember its been awhile since I played this game.
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    What if...

    Well I beat he would break free some how because he is the freaking hero of the story.
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    The Heartless group?...

    Not all evil party's have to have names.
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    Possible Japanese box art for 358/2?

    It actually looks pretty good. Hopefully its real.