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  1. Zefie

    An interesting thing

    Ok guys I was watching the show Cheat today on G4TV and they kept referring to the secret ending of KH2 as the "Sneak peak" of Kingdom Hearts III. I don't know wheather they goofed or not but I think it is something to discuss and look out for. I don't know if the secret ending was confirmed as...
  2. Zefie

    Fanfiction ► ~.{Symbols}.//B.I.S.H.I.E.\\.{slobmyS}.~

    Great fanfic you guys have here, i really like it. Poor sora, hes always getting beaten up.:.:
  3. Zefie

    Fanfiction ► Is any of this for real.....or not?

    WOW! this is like one of the best fics here! when i got to the part where soras is the mental institute i was like O.O! keep up the good work^-^
  4. Zefie

    New Tibits of Info

    great find! eh what are light cycles?
  5. Zefie

    Location..Locaion..new world?

    it looks kind of like the tron world with the robots and the red glowy light things
  6. Zefie

    yuna and rikku

    no its ok .at least i tried=)
  7. Zefie

    yuna and rikku

    the heartless doesent look that big . i kept pausing it for like five minuets.in kh1 titus and selfie were tiny to,but wakka,kairi, riku and sora were normal looking
  8. Zefie

    yuna and rikku

    I was looking at the part were yuna and rikku kick the heartless from the cliff and it looked like they were 10 or 11.i know that all we saw was thier backs but they seemed kind of small.it might have been the glare or something like that but i just want to know.
  9. Zefie

    happy kingdom hearts COM day!! everybody

    wow your really exited about that. iv had kh:com since December 14 04 and i still havent beat it!
  10. Zefie

    Fanfiction ► Left Behind...

    I like it . the ending of the flashback was so sad though .post more soon im really interested in it.
  11. Zefie

    Better Quality Pictures of V-Jump

    sora,donald,and goofy singing O_O now iv seen it all! you know im looking at the scan with that old guy in it ,is he on jack sparrow's ship?
  12. Zefie

    Fanfiction ► Unspeakable [Sequel to Blinded]

    the G.U in the new .Hack game stands for grow up .
  13. Zefie

    New Famistu Scans!

    didnt someone post this already?
  14. Zefie

    Fanfiction ► *~Accidentally In Love~*

    Well i have nothing better to do. besides the lady always yells at me and my friends when were in front of my house so she diserves it =)
  15. Zefie

    Fanfiction ► *~Accidentally In Love~*

    non- idiots club? I woudnt be allowed twenty feet near it considering me and my friend always run into this old persons house at night while yelling armagedon in demented voices^.^
  16. Zefie

    Fanfiction ► *~Accidentally In Love~*

    YAYYYYYYYY sea cows gunna die!!!!. sorry i super hyper right now.i really like this fic its so funny
  17. Zefie

    Fanfiction ► Kingdom Hearts: Dark Truth

    Not bad . its only the first chapter and i already like it ^.^
  18. Zefie

    Fanfiction ► mommy!

    Not bad.the ending was pretty funny i mean larxene a mom>.< please post more soon!^.^
  19. Zefie

    plz read!the voices of tigger and piglet died!

    how could they finish the voice recordings if three people died ? R.I.P john and paul